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Lee-on-Solent 1974

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Date: 27 July 1974

Made by: Alan Macey


XA466/LM777    	Gannet COD.4    	849 Sq
XV256           Nimrod MR.1                   
XV675/PO665     SeaKing HAS.1           737 Sq
XM870/PO652     Wessex HAS.3            737 Sq
XV624/417       Wasp HAS.1              829 Sq
XT863/R001      Phantom FG.1            892 Sq
XL602    	Hunter T.8              NATIU 
XS869/PO508    	Wessex HAS.1            NATIU 
XT256    	Wessex HAS.3                  
XS508/B-VM    	Wessex HU.5             848 Sq
XT473/B-VQ    	Wessex HU.5             848 Sq
XV634/AJ460    	Wasp HAS.1             
XK944/PO86     	Whirlwind HAS.7        
NF389/5B       	Swordfish III          
WK634/902    	Chipmunk T.10   	BRNC
WV911    	SeaHawk FGA.4
XN706/E127     	Sea Vixen FAW.2        
WV828/037      	SeaHawk FGA.6          
XN314/25       	Whirlwind HAS.7        
XN305/PO516    	Whirlwind HAS.7        
XT770    	Wessex HU.5     	781 Sq
XT772    	Wessex HU.5     	781 Sq
XW315    	J Provost T.5	
XW407/50    	J Provost T.5   	3 FTS  
XW424/52    	J Provost T.5          
XW426/53    	J Provost T.5          
XW428/54    	J Provost T.5          

Overlord Hangar:
XT757    	Wessex HU.5
XS510    	Wessex HU.5
XS480/HC       	Wessex HU.5     	845 Sq 
XP116/520      	Wessex HAS.3           
XM329/PO533    	Wessex HAS.1           
XP149/CU574    	Wessex HAS.1           
XM832/CU576    	Wessex HAS.1           
XS116         	Wessex HAS.1
XN386/ED34     	Whirlwind HAR.9        

Esmonde Hangar:
XK911/PO519    	Whirlwind HAS.7        
XL847/LM83      Whirlwind HAS.7       
XN308/PO510     Whirlwind HAS.7       
XT457/C         Wessex HU.5           

Hangar A:
XN934/LM631    	Buccaneer S.1          

Hangar F:
XS490/G       	Wessex HU.5             wreck
XG574           Whirlwind HAR.3         A2575
XL846/LM85      Whirlwind HAS.7       	
XL853/56        Whirlwind HAS.7                
XM667/56        Whirlwind HAS.7                

Hangar H:
XN384/LS11    	Whirlwind HAS.7        

Hangar J:
XN387/LS11  	Whirlwind HAS.7        
(XN298)/LS10  	Whirlwind HAS.7        
(XN311)/LS12  	Whirlwind HAS.7        

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