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Barton 1985

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Date: 19 May 1985

Made by: Jason Ganner


7185            Harvard		SAAF
44-79609        Cub
67-0469         RF-4C
82-0914         F-16A
68-0020         F-111E
XV191           C-130K
EX280           Harvard
FE992           Harvard
FT239           Harvard
XX178           Hawk
WA669           Meteor
WW397           Provost
XV127           Scout
WV908           Sea Hawk
XH304           Vampire
XT443           Wasp
G-AKAZ          Cub
G-AROY          Stearman
G-ATBK          C.172 
G-AVAI          H.S.125
G-AVLW          RF.4
G-AVNZ          RF.4
G-AWLL          B.206
G-AYWT          SV-4
G-BBOH          Pitts
G-BGEH          Sonerai
G-BHTR          B.206
G-BIEO          Jodel
G-BLSC          PBY
G-BSHR          C.172
G-FIRE          Spitfire
G-OKAY        	Pitts
G-OSCC          PA-28R
G-ZSOL          Z.50

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