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Lee-on-Solent 1965

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Date: 31 July 1965

Made by: David Miller


WV911		Sea Hawk FB.3		on the gate	
WM915		Sea Hawk FB.3		
XT460		Wessex HU.5		
WV198		Whirlwind HAR.21		
XN314		Whirlwind HAR.7		
XT418		Wasp HAS.1		
XS172		Hiller HT.2		
XF365		Hunter F.4		AES	
WN346		Gannet AS.1		AES	
XG616	736VL	Sea Venom FAW.21		
WW275		Sea Venom FAW.21		
XT305		Northrop Shelduck D.1		(Target Drone)
NF389		Swordfish III		
WV204		Whirlwind HAS.22		
XA870		Whirlwind HAR.1		
XT459		Wessex HU.5		
XT458		Wessex HU.5		
XS521		Wessex HU.5		707 Sq.	
XP139	PO771	Wessex HAS.1		
XR444		Sea Heron C.1		781 Sq.	
XR445		Sea Heron C.1		781 Sq.	
XJ319		Sea Devon C.20		781 Sq.	
XJ347		Sea Devon C.20		781 Sq.	
XJ324		Sea Devon C.20		781 Sq.	
XT415	455	Wasp HAS.1		HMS Aurora	
XT657		SR-N6			( Hovercraft )
XE665		Hunter T.8		FONFT	
WW661	948	Hunter T.8		NFSF	
XL603	949	Hunter T.8		NFSF	
XT269	732LM	Buccaneer S.2		700B Sq.	
XP923	123E	Sea Vixen FAW.2		899 Sq.	
XR665	38	Jet Provost T.4		1 FTS	
G-ANFM		TigerMoth		Glider Towing
XP107		Wessex HAS.1		
XG694		Sea Venom FAW.22		
.....	672	Sea Prince		
Pleasure Flying:				
G-APKD		Auster J/1N Alpha		
G-ARUG		Auster J/5G Autocar		

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