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Cottesmore 1990

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Date: 14 July 1990

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40+50		ALPHA JET		JBG 43 WGAF               
MM7103/51-34    AMX			51 STORMO ITAL. AF
MM7106/51-37    AMX			51 STORMO ITAL. AF
XX900/900       BUCCANEER S2B		12 SQN        
XX714	        BULLDOG T1		CFS                       
WH981/CN        CANBERRA E15		100 SQN	CN                
WH791	        CANBERRA PR7		GATE GUARD                
ZA705/FO        CHINOOK HC1		240 OCU	 FO               
J231	        F.16A FIGHTING FALCON	323 SQN KLU       
J246	        F.16A FIGHTING FALCON	323 SQN KLU       
16+25	        HANSA JET		JBG 32 WGAF               
ZD353	        HARRIER GR5		233 OCU                   
XX174	        HAWK T1			4 FTS
XX175	        HAWK T1			CFS
XX205/V	        HAWK T1A		2 TWU/151 SQN
XV210/210       HERCULES C1P		LTW             
LF363	        HURRICANE 2		BBMF                      
XZ394/GN        JAGUAR GR1A		54 SQN
XM375	        JET PROVOST T3		DERELICT                  
XW370/72        JET PROVOST T5		1 FTS
XW429	        JET PROVOST TTB		6 FTS			DISPLAY C/S       
XX494/B	        JETSTREAM T1		6 FTS
ZR716	        LIGHTNING F3		DERELICT                  
MM54449/61-00   MB339A			61 STORMO ITAL AF
MM54546/61-85   MB339A			61 STORMO ITAL.AF
RR299	        MOSQUITO T3		BAE                       
ZE360/O	        PHANTOM F4J(UK)		74 SQN
35+39	        PHANTOM RF4E		AKG52 WGAF                
MM25155/303-22  PIAGGIO P.166		ITAL.AF
XJ582	        SEA VIXEN FAW2		DERELICT/702              
58+73	        SKYSERVANT		JBG31 WGAF                
P7350	        SPITFIRE 2A		BBMF                      
43+11	        TORNADO			TTTE                              
43+16/G32       TORNADO			TTTE
43+17/G33       TORNADO			TTTE
44+10	        TORNADO			JBG38 WGAF                       
46+14	        TORNADO			MFG1 WGN                          
MM55000/I42     TORNADO			TTTE
MM55001/I40     TORNADO			TTTE
MM7003/I93      TORNADO			TTTE
ZA320/B01       TORNADO GR1		TTTE
ZA321/B58       TORNADO GR1		TTTE
ZA323/B14       TORNADO GR1		TTTE
ZA325/B03       TORNADO GR1		TTTE
ZA361	        TORNADO GR1		TTTE                      
ZA374	        TORNADO GR1		17 SQN                    
ZA614/E	        TORNADO GR1		617 SQN
ZA752?/JA       TORNADO GR1		27 SQN
ZE253/AB        TORNADO GR1		229 OCU
ZA370/B01       TORNADO GR1A		2 SQN
50+74	        TRANSALL		LTG61 WGAF                
XL188	        VICTOR K2		55 SQN                    

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