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Brize Norton 2004

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Date: 2 July 2004

Made by: Colin Norwood


JY-RJU          Dove    		Private 	RJorAFHF     
G-BOOM/800-F 	Hunter T8               Private         RJorAFHF
XW214           Puma HC1                RAF             33Sqn   
XJ729   	Whirlwind HAR10         RAF             22Sqn   
XX162/162       Hawk T1A                RAF             RAFIAM  
43+01/G20       Tornado IDS             GAF             TTTE    
XR506/V         Wessex HC2              RAF             60Sqn   
XX325/CE        Hawk T1A                RAF             100Sqn  
ZE168/EB        Tornado F3              RAF             23Sqn   
XX491/K         Jetstream T1            RAF             45Sqn   
XX255/TE        Hawk T1A                RAF             74Sqn   
XX205/V         Hawk T1A                RAF             92Sqn   
ZA601/TI XV     Tornado GR1             RAF             15Sqn   
ZD410/C         Harrier GR7             RAF             20Sqn   
ZG506/AF        Harrier GR7             RAF             3Sqn    
ZG511/AL        Harrier GR7             RAF             3Sqn    
ZA546/AJ-Q      Tornado GR1B            RAF             617Sqn  
XX141/Z         Jaguar T2A              RAF             16Sqn   
ZA947           DC3 Dakota              RAF             BBMF    
XV211/211       C130K Hercules C1P      RAF             LTW     
638003/D        KC135R Stratotanker     USAF            351ARS  
XS743           Basset CC1      	RAF             ETPS    
RA-44470        Yak18T  	        Private         Private 
FT375           Harvard IIB             RAF             A&AEE   
K2050           Hawker Fury             Private         RAF     
WG479/F         Chipmonk T10            RAF             EFTS    
XX519/AI        Bulldog T1              RAF             1FTS    
XX553/7         Bulldog T1              RAF             LUAS    
XX533/U         Bulldog T1              RAF             1FTS    
XS596           Andover C1(PR)          RAF     	A&AEE, Open Skies        

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