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Syerston 1957

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Date: 14 September 1957

Made by: John A. Smith


WG430                  CHIPMUNK T10 
WL475/2                METEOR T7 
XA252/M                MARATHON T11         2ANS 
XD693/Q-Z              J.PROVOST T1         CFS 
WH673                  CANBERRA B2          (black) 
WJ773                  CANBERRA B6          HEMSWELL 
XF994                  HUNTER F4 
VL281                  VALETTA C2           MANBY 
SX953                  LINCOLN B2           MANBY 
TE384                  SPITFIRE F16 
WV535/WV566/WV574      PROVOST T1           1FTS 
WV575/WV602/WV617      PROVOST T1           1FTS 
WV622/XF560/XF903      PROVOST T1           1FTS 
XF953                  HUNTER F4            (landed only) 
WV562/WV606            PROVOST T1           (landed only) 
VZ109/WA163/WA199'61'  VAMPIRE T5           8FTS 
WA296                  VAMPIRE T5           8FTS 
X7332/890-BR           DOMINIE              BRAMCOTE STN. (the biplane variety)  
WV781                  SYCAMORE HR12 
XA892                  VULCAN B1 AVRO       HUCKNALL 
WG305                  CHIPMUNK T10         (landed only) 
XA462/346              GANNET AS1 
4x                     B45                  47BW (not noted) 
WE982                  SEDBURGH 
WV863                  SEA HAWK FGA4 
XA557                  JAVELIN FAW1 
WP203                  VALIANT B1 RAE 
WM975/WN906/WV831 + 2  SEA HAWKS            738SQ. (all red)  
G-AMAV                 VISCOUNT 700         VICKERS 
4x                     F100D                (not noted) 
XF833                  HUNTER F6            RAE (reverse thrust demo)  
VM340                  ANSON C19            VIP arrival 
WB858/MOTU-U           SHACKLETON T4        MOTU 
WG363/WK635/WP778      CHIPMUNK T10         NOTTM.UAS 
XK663                  COMET C2             216SQ. 
WN492/900              DRAGONFLY HR3 
XD873                  VALIANT BK1          207SQ. 
9x                     METEOR NF14          (not noted-from N.Luffenham) 
XD694                  J.PROVOST T2         CFS 

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