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Culdrose 2004

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Date: 14 July 2004

Made by: Scramble, Ronald Stevelink, Richard Tregear, Remco van Kuilenburg

Updated: 14 June 2005

45+30			Tornado IDS		MFG2		spec mks    
45+33, 45+39	        Tornado IDS	        MFG2                
89+61		        Sea King Mk41	        MFG5                
MM7194/32-07	        AMX		        13ºGr               
MM55037/32-64	        AMX-T	                101ºGr              
05 bl		        An-26B	                LithAF/Transp.Esk   
06 bl		        L-39ZA	                LithAF/Naik.Grandis 
S-454		        AS532U2	                300sq               
89-26165	        UH-60A	                1-214th AVN Co C    
ZA714		        Chinook HC2	        18sq                
XS730/H		        Dominie T1	        55(R)sq             
(ZB686)		        Gazelle AH1	        i/a		cockpit only
ZJ237/T		        Griffin HT1	        60(R)sq/DHFS        
ZE693/714	        S Harrier F/A2	        899sq               
XV741/41	        Harrier GR3	        i/a                 
XZ145/45	        Harrier T4	        i/a                 
XX168/168	        Hawk T1		        FRADU               
XZ118/-		        Jaguar GR3	        nb/41sq             
XX484/CU-566	        Jetstream T2	        750sq               
XZ693/639	        Lynx HAS3S	        702sq               
XZ727/632	        Lynx HAS3S	        702sq               
ZD263/305	        Lynx HAS3S	        815sq               
ZH854/CU-580	        Merlin HM1	        824sq		also flying 
XW236		        Puma HC1	        33sq                
XV664/R-187	        S King ASAC7	        849sq               
ZA137/CU-820	        S King HAS5U	        771sq               
ZA168/CU-528	        S King HAS6U	        771sq		also flying 
ZA298/WW	        Sea King HC4	        845sq               
ZJ270/70	        Squirrel HT1	        DHFS                
ZG757/WM	        Tornado F3	        43sq                
ZF241/241, ZF242/242	Tucano T1	        1 FTS               
ZF446/446		Tucano T1	        1 FTS               
XR528		        Wessex HC2	        i/a                 
G-BARS "1377"	        Chipmunk T10	        ex WK520            
G-BYKJ		        Scout AH1	        ex XV121            
G-RAID		        AD-4NA		        ex 126922           
G-UVNR		        Strkmstr Mk87	        ex Botswana OJ10    

Hangar C1:
XX487/CU-568		Jetstream T2		750sq

Hangar C2:
ZH828/CU-013		Merlin HM1		820sq
XV706/CU-L017		SeaKing HAS6		i/a

Hangar C3:
XX173/173		Hawk T1			FRADU
XX178/78, XX231/231	Hawk T1W		FRADU

XX165/165		Hawk T1			FRADU
XX167/167		Hawk T1W		FRADU
XX226/226, XX234/234	Hawk T1			FRADU
XX238/238, XX240/240	Hawk T1			FRADU
XX325/CT		Hawk T1			FRADU
XX476/CU-561		Jetstream T2		750sq
XX478/CU-564		Jetstream T2		750sq
XX481/CU-560		Jetstream T2		750sq
XX486/CU-569		Jetstream T2		750sq
XX488/CU-562		Jetstream T2		750sq

Far side:
ZA110/CU-563		Jetstream T2		750sq
ZA111/CU-565		Jetstream T2		750sq
XV236/36		Nimrod MR2		Kinloss MRW
codes 0-10		MB339A			Frecce Tricolori

Storage far side:
XX491/K, XX492/A	Jetstream T1		stored
XX500/H			Jetstream T1		stored

Firedump far side:
XV359			BuccaneerS2B		i/a

Drones and gliders:
XZ791    		ShelduckD1 		(drone)  792Sqn
ZJ658    		Mirach100-5 		(drone)  792Sqn
N51       		Centrair101A 		(glider) RNGSA
N52        		SZD-30 			(glider) RNGSA
N53        		SZD-50-3 		(glider) RNGSA
N54        		T.49B Capstan 		(glider) RNGSA

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