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St Mawgan 1975

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Date: 6 August 1975

Made by:


Lancaster I           PA474/KM:B 
Shackleton AEW.2      WL756 
Vulcan B.2            XL445 
Jet Provost T.5A      XW353/12, 359/4, 368/86, 369/9, 420/8, 438/2 
Atlantic              255  (RNLN) 
BN-2A                 G-AXXH (NEA), AXXJ (Brymon) 
Bristol Scout         A1742/BAPC-38  replica 
CP-107 Argus          10741 (CAF) 
Cessna 150            G-ARAU 
Cessna F.172H         G-AVKF 
C-131F                140999 
Etendard IVP          114, 120 (FrN) 
Devon C.2             VP952, 974 
Vampire T.11          XH304 
Chipmunk T.10         WP805/D, 901/B 
Canberra  B.2         WJ641, 677, WK145 
Canberra  TT.18       WJ639, 680, 682, 721, WK118, 122, 124 
Lightning F.3         XR749/Q, 751/R 
G.91T                 3452 (WGAF) 
Magister              523/312-TS, 535, 541, 545, 546, 547/TR, 
                      561, 563, 564, 565, 576 (FrAF) 
FA.200-160            G-BBGI 
F-111E                68-0009, 0059 
Meteor T.7            WA669 
AA-5                  G-BBGG, BCPL, BDCL 
Hastings T.5          TG503 
Victor K.2            XM715 
Hurricane IIc         PZ865/DT:A 
Hunter F.6A           XJ639/31 
Buccaneer S.2         XV163 
Nimrod MR.1           XV230, 234, 235, 239, 252, 253, 254, 259 
Gnat T.1              XP514, 531, 540, 572, XR955, 991, 993, XS101, 107, 111 
Harrier GR.1          XV804/45, XW922/49 
F-104G                2247 (WGAF) 
SP-2H                 211 (RNLN) 
Hercules  KC-130E     68-10934 
Hercules  C.1         XV183, 298 
P-3C                  158205/RD3 
F-4D                  65-0689 
RF-4E                 3506, 3533 (WGAF) 
F-4F                  3747 (WGAF) 
F-4K                  XV573/L 
Pou-du-Ciel           G-AEEH 
Paris                 40 (FrN) 
Noratlas              63/312-BH  (FrAF) 
PA-28-140             N3536K 
PA-28-140B            G-AXTG 
PA-28R-180            G-BBEL 
PA-28R-200            G-BCKD 
Pitts S-2A            G-BADW, BADX, BADY, BADZ (Rothmans) 
Jaguar T.2            XX841/K 
HH-53C                69-5797 
Rallye Commodore      G-AZMZ, BCST 
VS Spitfire PR.19     PS853 
Viscount 813          G-AZLP (BMA) 
Whirlwind HAR.10      XP350 
Wessex HAS.1          XS873/CU525 
Sea King HAS.1        XV673/TG144 
Puma HC.1             XW208/CE 
Glider (type??)       D-6095 

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