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Honington 1992

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Date: 27 June 1992

Made by: Graham Court


XX244			Hawk T.1		4FTS	        
XX301	L	        Hawk T.1		7FTS	        
XX745	04	        Jaguar GR.1		226OCU	        
XW360	61	        Jet Provost T.5A	1FTS	
XV189		        Hercules C.3P		LTW	          
XV258		        Nimrod MR.2P	        St. Mawgan Wing	  
ZG709	I	        Tornado GR.1A	        13SQ	          
ZA612	TZ	        Tornado GR.1 	        15SQ	          
ZE166	AF	        Tornado F.3	        229OCU	          
ZF372		        Tucano T.1	        CFS	          
XF310	869VL	        Hunter T.7	        FRADU	          
E-008		        F-16A		        Esk726	          
ET-198		        F-16B	                Esk726	          
F217	64-GQ	        C.160NG	                ET64	          
MM6542	3-40	        F-104G	                3Stormo	          
J-136		        F-16A	                314SQ	          
J-369		        F-16B	                313SQ	          
81-0983	WR  	        A-10A	                81TFW	          
82-0655	WR m (as 81TFW)	A-10A	                81TFW	          
90-0248	LN m (as 48TFW)	F-15E	                48TFW	          
74-0180	LN bk/y		F-111F	                48TFW	          
69-6606			UH-1N	                58AS	          
163837			UC-12M		        Mildenhall        
XX886			Buccaneer S.2	        ex 237OCU	GI
XX946			Tornado		        GI                

Far Side:				
ZA548			Tornado GR.1		
59-1474			KC-135Q			9RW	

ZA541	TO		Tornado GR.1		15SQ	
ZA594	TU		Tornado GR.1		15SQ	

ZA607	TJ		Tornado GR.1		15SQ	
ZA614			Tornado GR.1		TWCU	

ZG727	L		Tornado GR.1A		13SQ	      
ZA601	JG	        Tornado GR.1		15SQ	      
ZA544	TP	        Tornado GR.1		15SQ	      
ZA595	TV	        Tornado GR.1		15SQ	      
XT900	CO	        Phantom FGR.2		GI/BDR

60-0339			KC-135Q			380Wg	

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