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Northolt 2007

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Date: 10 June 2007

Made by: Scramble, Mike Nelson, Peter Ure, Duncan Morley, Jeep Stoker


H41 		A109BA 		nmks
RS05 		Sea King Mk48 	40sm
86+21 		Bo105P1 	HFVAS100
86+61 		Bo105P1 	KHR36
86+93 		Bo105P1 	HFS910
270 		EC135P2 	302sq
261 		PC-9M 		FTS
Q-05 		AH-64D 		301sq
0723 		An-28TD 	2.eltl
1006 		M-28B-1R 	30.elMW
79-0207/SP 	OA-10A 		81st FS
81-0954/SP 	OA-10A 		81st FS "81FS"
ZR323 		A109E 		32(TR)sq
ZE395 		BAe125 CC3 	32(TR)sq
ZA714/AV 	Chinook HC2 	27sq/nmks
ZJ240/U 	Griffin HT1 	DHFS
ZD409/38 	Harrier GR9 	nmks
XX200/CG 	Hawk T1A 	100sq
XX285 		Hawk T1A 	100sq spec mks
XX317 		Hawk T1A 	4FTS
XX349 		Hawk T1W 	208(R)sq
ZD560/L 	Lynx Mk7 	ETPS
WA638 		Meteor T7mod 	Martin-Baker
XW213 		Puma HC1 	33sq
ZJ275, ZJ279 	Squirrel HT1 	DHFS
ZF140/140 	Tucano T1 	1FTS
ZA401 		Tornado GR4A 	13sq spec mks
ZE735/TG 	Tornado F3 	56(R)sq spec mks
ZG756/BX 	Tornado GR4 	14sq spec mks
G-BLUZ 		Queen Bee 	ex LF858
G-BVEZ 		Jet Provost T3 	ex XM479
G-CBUI 		Wasp HAS1 	ex XT420
G-MPSA 		EC145C2 	Metropolitan Police
G-RAFO 		Beech B200 	45(R)sq
G-YOTS 		Yak-52 	private

Southside (near A40):
ZD703 		BAe125 CC3 	32(TR)sq
CS-DNL 		BAe125-800XP 	NetJets Europe

ZH536 		Islander CC2 	Northolt SF
CS-DXO 		Ce560XLS 	private

On Sunday the 10th of June, RAF Northolt organized a
Photocall. A minimum of 15 Pound Sterling had to be paid in
advance and all was donated to charity. Enthusiasts who
wanted to visit this event, had to print out a special application
form and this had to be sent off with a cheque to the RAF. Entry
was possible between noon and 16.00 hours on a prebooked
time spot. Parking on the base it self was available
and two old British Transport buses were ferrying up and
down to the line-up.
In total, twelve foreign visitors were on the tarmac from six different
countries. The RAF showed off their jets in special colour
schemes and four aircraft were adopting these unusual colours.
Apart from the static photo shoot, enthusiasts who were lucky to
get an entry slot before 12.30, were treated with a little operational
show. Tornado ZE735 was ordered to come home and took off
just before 12.30. Soon after, Belgian Seaking RS05 started up
its engines and after a spectacular take-off it kept on circling
above the airfield for clearance to leave the airspace.
Overall, the RAF at Northolt did a fantastic job again. The
contribution towards charity has been a great success and was
much appreciated by all enthusiasts visiting that day. The RAF
Northolt even provided parking space, bus services and steps
to take those beautiful shots from a different angle. Hereby I
would like to thank all of the people who were involving organizing
and making this event very successful.

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