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Lee-on-Solent 1992

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Date: 11 July 1992

Made by: Kevin Bone, anonymous

Updated: 23 March 2007

59+16           	Do.28 D-2      		MFG 5         
77                      An-2T                        
U-1230                  Vampire T55                  
S1287           	Fairy Flycatcher
EZ407                   Harvard III       	RN Hist Flt
RT486                   Auster AOP5                  
WV783                   Sycamore HR12     	RNAY Museum
WV911                   Sea Hawk FGA4           instr.     
ZA682              	Chinook             	RAF
XG888  LM               Gannet T5               AES        
XL500  LM               Gannet AEW3             AES        
XW866          		Gazelle             	RN
XV218             	Hercules            	RAF
XS507  PO-627           Wessex HU5              AES        
XS508                   Wessex HU5              AES        
XS510  PO-626           Wessex HU5              AES        
XS511  M                Wessex HU5              AES        
XS514  L                Wessex HU5              AES        
XS515  N                Wessex HU5              AES        
XS516  Q                Wessex HU5              AES        
XS520  F                Wessex HU5              AES        
XS567  E-434            Wasp HAS1               AES        
XT453  A                Wessex HU5              AES        
XT455                   Wessex   		     
XT458  622              Wessex HU5              AES        
XT482  VL-ZM            Wessex HU5              AES        
XT484  H                Wessex HU5              AES        
XT485                   Wessex HU5              AES        
XT761                   Wessex HU5              AES        
XT765  J                Wessex HU5              AES        
XT771  PO-620           Wessex HU5              AES        
XV192  192              Hercules C1K            LTW        
XV370                   Sea King SH-3D          AES        
XV671  CU-181           Sea King AEW2A               
XW630                   Harrier GR3       	RN AESS    
ZD578              	Sea Harrier         	RN
XV660                   Sea King HAS6                
XW887  FL               Gazelle HT2       	RNAY       
XX480  CU-565           Jetstream T2                 
XX510  LS-69            Lynx HAS2         	AES        
XZ455  715              Sea Harrier FRS1             
ZD256  BM-333           Lynx HAS3S                   
ZF118  ZT          	Sea King HC4                 
ZA546              	Tornado              	RAF
ZF409  409              Tucano T1         	FTS        
G-AAWO        		DH-60G  Moth
192/G-BKPT    		Broussard
G-BSVO         		Sikorsky  S-61N      	Bristows  SAR
G-HPAA         		BN-2A  Islander       	Hampshire Police
G-IIIG            	Boeing Stearman
G-ORBY        		Sukoi Su-26
N5057V         		Boeing Stearman

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