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Mildenhall 1969

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Date: 17 May 1969

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Updated: 4 September 2001

O.48343		C-47D		513TAW		also logged as O.48303!
O.25805		C-131A		2nd Air Vac
O.60070		RF-101C		66TRW		also logged as 60112!
O.61061		F-102A		496FIS/50TFW
62010		C-133A		436MAW
O.63422		F-100D-86-NH	48TFW
92440		B-58A-I-CF	64BS/43BW
10027		B-52H-145-BW	17BW
21799/PB	C-130E		777TAS/464TAW
24536		HH-43B		Det.3/40ARRW
37990/'84'	KC-135A-125-BN	301ARW
40633		C-141A-45-LM	437MAW
60421		RF-4C		10TRW
17191		C-117D		NAF Mildenhall
39909		UC-45J		NAF Mildenhall
FU-134		F-84F		FAB/2Wing
25+80		F-104G		JBG31
26+24		F-104G		JBG31
XS733		Dominie T1	CAW

LF363/LE-D	Hurricane 2C	BoBMF
PM631/AD-C	Spitfire 19	BoBMF
XG274/71	Hunter F6	4FTS
XM147		Lightning F1	Wattisham TFF
XM608		Vulcan B2
XM718		Victor SR2	543sq
XP897		Scout AH1	6Flt/AAC
XR569/O8	Gnat T1		4FTS
91566		HH-43B		Det3/40ARRW
WZ858		Chipmunk T10
XP555/70	Jet Provost T4	RAFC
XP556/71	Jet Provost T4	RAFC
XP583/87	Jet Provost T4	RAFC
XP584/88	Jet Provost T4	RAFC
XP671/91	Jet Provost T4	RAFC
XR540		Gnat T1		Red Arrows
XR991		Gnat T1		Red Arrows
XS111		Gnat T1		Red Arrows
XP531		Gnat T1		Red Arrows
XR955		Gnat T1		Red Arrows
XR987		Gnat T1		Red Arrows
XR993		Gnat T1		Red Arrows
XS101		Gnat T1		Red Arrows
XS107		Gnat T1		Red Arrows

Flying only:
XV865/652-LM	Buccaneer S2	736sq
2x		F-4C
4x		F-100D

On airfield:
XP443		Argosy C1	Red Arrows support
O.10142		C-124A		909MAG/AFRes
O.49409		C-47D		513TAW
O.50943		C-47D		513TAW
O.77214		C-47D		513TAW
10282		EC-135H		7120ACCS
10285		EC-135H		7120ACCS
10286		EC-135H		7120ACCS
10291		EC-135H		7120ACCS
17262		C-47H		NAF Mildenhall
17171		C-117D		NAF Mildenhall
76756		UC-45J		NAF Mildenhall
21805/LM	C-130E		316TAW/36TAS
21830/LM	C-130E		316TAW/36TAS
37792/LM	C-130E		316TAW/36TAS
37828/LM	C-130E		316TAW/36TAS
37847/LM	C-130E		316TAW/36TAS
37888/LM	C-130E		316TAW/36TAS
21826/PB	C-130E		777TAS/464TAW
21851/PB	C-130E		777TAS/464TAW
21866/PB	C-130E		777TAS/464TAW
37770/PB	C-130E		777TAS/464TAW
37820/PB	C-130E		777TAS/464TAW

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