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Cranfield 1998

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Date: 15 August 1998

Made by: Dave Jefferys, Dyla

Updated: 20 November 1999

Flight Line:
(121714)201/B  Bearcat (G-RUMM)                       TFC 
WK163          Canberra B6(mod) (G-BVWC)              Classic Aviation Projects 
WK511          Chipmunk T10 (G-BVBT)                  Kennet Aviation 
WK512/A        Chipmunk T10 (G-BXIM)                  Privately owned 
NZ5648         Corsair (G-BXUL)                       OFMC 
8178           F-86A Sabre (G-SABR)                   Privately owned 
'243'          Fury FB10 (G-BTTA)                     OFMC 
XM693          Gnat T1 (G-TIMM)                       Kennet Aviation 
'XR993'        Gnat T1 (G-BVPP/XP504)                 Privately owned "Red Arrows" c/s 
3/(166238)     HA1.112 Buchon (G-BOML)                OFMC 
ZD376/24       Harrier GR7                            3 Sqn yel/grn 
ZG506/77       Harrier GR7                            3 Sqn yel/grn 
'28521/TA-521' Harvard IV (G-TVIJ)                    OFMC 
XX175          Hawk T1                                4 FTS/208(R) Sqn  blk 
XF515/R        Hunter F6A (G-KAXF)                    Kennet Aviation 43 Sqn marks 
J-4021         Hunter F58 (G-BWIU)                    Privately owned "Patrouille de Suisse" c/s 
J-4031         Hunter F58 (G-BWFR)                    OFMC 
J-4058         Hunter F58 (G-BWFS)                    OFMC 
J-4105         Hunter F58A (G-BWOU)                   OFMC 
XZ391/A        Jaguar GR1A                            16(R) Sqn 
XD693/Z-Q      Jet Provost T1 (G-AOBU)                Kennet Aviation 
(XM405)/42     Jet Provost T3A (G-TORE)               Privately owned 
XM478          Jet Provost T3A (G-BXDL)               Privately owned 
XW289/73       Jet Provost T5A (G-JPVA)               Kennet Aviation 
12             L-29 (G-DELF/194555)                   Privately owned 
ES-YLH         L-29                                   Privately owned 
ES-YLV         L-29                                   Privately owned 
28+02          Let-39ZO (G-OTAF)                      OFMC 
WM167          Meteor NF11 (G-LOSM)                   Jet Heritage 
'6247'         MiG-15UTI (G-OMIG/622047)              OFMC 
'463221'/GA-S  P-51D Mustang (G-BTCD)                 TFC "Candyman/Moose" 
'472218'/WZ-I  P-51D Mustang  (G-HAEC)                OFMC "Big Beautiful Doll" 
MH434/PK-K     Spitfire LF IXB (G-ASJV)               OFMC 
'NZ6361'       Strikemaster 87 (G-BXFP/OJ-5)          Privately owned 
OJ-4           Strikemaster 87 (G-UNNY)               Privately owned 
517692         T-28 Fennec (F-AZFV/Fennec No.142)     Privately owned 
ZE168/FF       Tornado F3                             25 Sqn 
ZE737/FN       Tornado F3                             25 Sqn 
215            Vampire T55 (G-HELV/U-1215)            Jet Heritage 

XS765          Bassett CC1 (G-BSET)                   white/grey c/s 
XS770          Bassett CC1 (G-HRHI)                   Raspberry Ripple c/s 
G-HUEY         Huey (UH-1D) 
38028          Lansen (G-BMSG) 
NZ3909         Wasp HAS1 

Maintenance Area:
G-FRCE         Gnat T1 
XS101          Gnat T1 (G-GNAT)                       "Red Arrows" c/s 
G-JPTV?        Jet Provost                            yellow/blue c/s 
XS458/BA       Lightning T5 
XF603          Provost T1 (G-KAPW)                    Kennet Aviation 
XF690          Provost T1 (G-MOOS)                    Kennet Aviation 
XV140          Scout AH1 (G-KAXL)                     Kennet Aviation 

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