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Binbrook 1977

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Date: 3 September 1977

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WH664/H   	Canberra T.17      	360 Squadron
65-0430/AR      RF-4C Phantom           1 TRS/10 TRW
68-0020/UH      F-111E                  20 TFW
74-01556        F-5E Tiger II           527 TFTAS
75-0020/BT      F-15A Eagle             36 TFW
75-0076/BT      F-15A Eagle             36 TFW
34+33           Fiat G.91T              LeKG-43
31+39           Fiat G.91R              LeKG-43
R-704           F-104G Starfighter      Esk 726
27+95           TF-104G Starfighter     WS-10
28+27           TF-104G Starfighter     WS-10
24+06           F-104G Starfighter      JBG-33
37+86           F-4F Phantom            JG-71
K-3031          NF-5A                   316 Squadron
XR720/M         Lightning F.3           11 Squadron
XP741/N         Lightning F.3           11 Squadron
XX750/20        Jaguar GR.1             226 OCU
XX747/17        Jaguar GR.1             226 OCU
XX174           Hawk T.1                4 FTS
XV572/N         Phantom FG.1            43 Squadron
XV575/C         Phantom FG.1            43 Squadron
XP514           Gnat T.1                Red Arrows
XP535           Gnat T.1                Red Arrows
XR540           Gnat T.1                Red Arrows
XR572           Gnat T.1                Red Arrows
XR955           Gnat T.1                Red Arrows
XP977           Gnat T.1                Red Arrows
XR987           Gnat T.1                Red Arrows
XR991           Gnat T.1                Red Arrows
XS101           Gnat T.1                Red Arrows
XS107           Gnat T.1                Red Arrows
XV207           Hercules C.1            LTW
XV103           VC-10 C.1               10 Squadron
XT286           Buccaneer S.2B          237 OCU
XP750/S         Lightning F.3           LTF
XR716/C         Lightning F.3           LTF
XP749           Lightning F.3           LTF
XS417/W         Lighting T.5            LTF
XP344           Whirlwind HAR.10        202 Squadron
XJ782           Vulcan B.2              9 Squadron
WF791           Meteor T.7              CFS Vintage Pair
XH304           Vampire T.11            CFS Vintage Pair
XS920/E         Lightning F.6           11 Squadron
XR765/C         Lightning F.6           11 Squadron
XR755/F         Lightning F.6           5 Squadron
XR749/Q         Lightning F.3           5 Squadron
XV302           Hercules C.1            LTW
VP955           Devon C.2               207 Squadron
PA474/KM-B      Lancaster B.1           BoB Memorial Flight
PZ865/DT-A      Hurricane IIc           BoB Memorial Flight
P7350/UO-T      Spitfire IIA            BoB Memorial Flight
XS936/G         Lightning F.6           11 Squadron
XS904/B         Lightning F.6           11 Squadron
XS922/L         Lightning F.6           11 Squadron
XR758/J         Lightning F.6           11 Squadron
XR724/K         Lightning F.6           11 Squadron
XP737/P         Lightning F.3           11 Squadron
XS452/T         Lightning T.5           11 Squadron
XP764/O         Lightning F.3           11 Squadron

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