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Leuchars 1997

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Date: 11-13 September 1997

Made by: Alex McGrath, John Caie, Geoff McMaw, Alistair Henderson

Updated: 26 March 1999

XX525/03         Bulldog T.1              East Lowlands UAS 
ZD575/NZ         Chinook HC.2             27(R)Sqn "ODM67" 
ZG507/78         Harrier GR.7             3 Sqn "RFR6O1B" 
XX22l            Hawk T.1A                74(R)Sqn "VYT69" 
XX247/CM         Hawk T.1A                100 Sqn "Archer 2" 
XX497/E          Jetstream T.1            45(R)Sqn "CWL77" 
XV258            Nimrod MR.2              Kinloss S/W "4YH" 
XV582/M          Phantom FG.1             111 Sqn spl mks 
XW220/AC         Puma HC.1                72 Sqn "Swallow 72" 
ZH103            Sentry AEW.l             8/23 Sqn "NATO 40" 
ZJ258            Squirrel HT.1            DHFS /660 Sqn "SYS09" 
ZG777/BS         Tornado GR.1             l4Sqn "RFR 512" 
ZE968/DXI        Tornado F.3              11 Sqn"16H11" 
ZE755/GJ         Tornado F.3              43 Sqn 
ZE292/AZ         Tornado F.3              56(R)Sqn "CBY08" 
ZE294/HM         Tornado F.3              111 Sqn 
ZE791/HY         Tornado F.3              111 Sqn 
ZF448            Tucano T.1               1 FTS "LOP52" 
ZAl10/CU563      Jetstream T.2            750 Sqn "NVY8O9" 
ZFll9/VH         Sea King HC.4            846 Sqn "NVYVH" 
A20-623          B-707                    RAAF 33 Sqn "Aussie 217" 
ET-199           F-16B                    DAF Esk 726 "DAF 3O6OB" 
38+72            F-4F                     GAF JG72 "HEO1B" 
46+31            Tornado ECR              GAF JBG32 &46+57 "GAF4627" 
61+04            Atlantic                 GN MFG3 "GN4733" 
57+03            Do-228                   GN MFG3 "GN4787" 
43+55            Tornado                  GN MFG2 "GN4555" 
MM62150/14-03    B-707 T/T                AMI 14st "Mission 325" 
MM6825/37-10     F-104S ASA               AMI 37St "Jackal 3/4" 
MM6943/37-15     F-104S ASA               AMI 37St "Jackal 3/4" 
MM54490/61-34    MB-339                   AMI 61St "I4524A/B" 
MM54548/61-90    MB-339                   AMI 61St "I4524A/B" 
MM7035/36-47     Tornado                  AMI 36St "I7050" 
265              SH-14D                   MLD 860 Sqn "RNN444" 
15509            A-7P                     FAP 304 Esq "PAF2743A/B" 
15515            A-7P                     FAP 304 Esq "PAF2743A/B" 
87-0122          KC-10A                   305 AMW "Opec 78" 
84-0086          C-21A                    86AW 76 ALS "Reno 21" 
63-7856/KT       C-130E                   815 AS AFRC "Hobby 13" 
57-1439/D        KC-135R                  1OOARW "Quid 65" 
58-0092          KC-135R                  133 ARS NH ANG "Pack77" 
88-0525/AV       F-16C                    31 FW 510FS marked 310SS  "Spike 02" 
90-0976/AV       F-16D                    31 FW 510FS "Spike1" 

ZD703            BAe 125 CC.3             32(TR)Sqn "RRR1352" 
ZE700            BAe 146 CC.2             32(TR)Sqn "RRR1340" 
XX638            Bulldog T.1              CFS spl mks "Bulldogs" 
ZD347/14         Harrier GR.7             20(R)Sqn "Kestrel 2/1" 
ZD434/46         Harrier GR.7             20(R)Sqn "Kestrel 2/1" 
XX235            Hawk T.1                 74(R)Sqn "VYT31/17" 
XX244            Hawk T.1                 74(R)Sqn "VYT31/17" spl mks 
XX250/CG         Hawk T.l                 100 Sqn "Priory Ol" 
XX227, XX233     Hawk T.1/T.1A            Red Arrows 
XX237, XX252     Hawk T.1/T.1A            Red Arrows 
XX253, XX260     Hawk T.1/T.1A            Red Arrows 
XX264, XX266     Hawk T.1/T.1A            Red Arrows 
XX306, XX307     Hawk T.1/T.1A            Red Arrows 
XX308            Hawk T.1/T.1A            Red Arrows 
XZ391/A          Jaguar GR.1A             16(R)Sqn "L0S74" 
PZ865/J          Hurrirane 11C            BBMF 
PA474/WS-J       Lancaster B.1            BBMF 
AB910/ZD-C       Spitfire VB              BBMF 
ZE936/DL         Tornado F.3              11 Sqn "Display 25A" 
ZE737/FF         Tornado F.3              25 Sqn "Display 25B" 
ZA321/B-58       Tornado GR.1             TTTE "COT 09 A/B" 
ZA322/B-50       Tornado GR.1             TTTE "COT 09 A/B" 
ZF292            Tucano T.1               1 FTS "Blade 1/2" 
ZF346            Tucano T.1               1 FTS "Blade 1/2" 
ZE694            Sea Harrier F/A2         899Sqn u/m "Yeovil 06" 
215, 216, 217    CM-170                   IAC The Silver Swallows 
218, 220         CM-170                   IAC The Silver Swallows 
FA-117           F-16A                    FAB 1 Sml "BAF 411" 
E-004            F-16A                    DAF Esk 726 "DAF3060A" 
E173/0, E140/1   Alphajet                 Ptr de France 
E128/2, E97/3    Alphajet                 Ptr de France 
E153/4, E141/5   Alphajet                 Ptr de France 
E120/6, E38/7    Alphajet                 Ptr de France 
E138/8, E104/9   Alphajet                 Ptr de France 
4/2-FP           Mirage 2000C             FrAF EC02.002 "FAF 7140" 
514/2-FK         Mirage 2000B             FrAF EC02.002 "FAF 7140" 
R226/64-GZ       C-160R                   FrAF ET02.064 "Cotam 2673" 
37+43            F-4F                     GAF JG72 "HE01A" 

Far side: 
XV183            Hercules C.3.            LTW "RRR4568/69" 
XV191            Hercules C.l             LTW "LYEO6 
ZD263/636        Lynx HAS.3S              702 Sqn "NVY636" 
XZ175/Z, ZD281/K Lynx AH.7                Blue Eagles 
XX403, XZ334/S   Gazelle AH.1             Blue Eagles 
ZA737, XX385     Gazelle AH.1             Blue Eagles 
XZ324            Gazelle AH.l             3 Flt (TA) 

Hangar 1 VA: 
XX698/9          Bulldog T.l              CFS"Bulldogs" to f/tline 
ZE159/DE         Tornado F.3              111 Sqn /11 Sqn mks 

Hangar 2 TASF: 
XX527/05         Bulldog T.1              ADStA UAS 
ZE734/GB         Tornado F.3              43 Sqn 
ZE680            Viking T.1               Ex Portmoak Summer det 

TTF Hangar: 
XX559            Bulldog T.1              G & S UAS 
XX456            Gazelle AH.1             3 Flt (TA) 
309              Mig-15UTI                Nose Section 

UAS area: 
XZ587            Sea King HAR.3           202 Sqn "Sea King 137" 
XZ579/PW706      Sea King HAS.6           819 Sqn "NVY706" 
XW903            Gazelle AH.1             3 Flt (TA) 
XZ341            Gazelle AH.1             3 Flt 

Flying only: 
XV226            Nimrod MR.2              Kinloss S/W "Nimrod" 

41-24485/DF-A    B-17G Flying Fortress    P.O. (G-BEDF) 
WV318            Hunter T7B               208 Sq (P.O.) 
G-BUTN           Bö105DBS-4               Bond Helicopters 

BDR Phantoms noted on the airfield were: 
XT867/BH         Phantom FG.1             111 Sqn mks 
XV577/AM         Phantom FG.1             43 Sqn mks 
XV586/AJ         Phantom FG.1             43 Sqn mks 
XT903/X          Phantom FGR.2            56 Sqn mks 

Additional aircraft seen on 11th: 
240              Super King Air 200       Transport & Training Sq 
XX663/01         Bulldog T1               East Lowlands UAS/12 AEF 
XX664/04         Bulldog T1               East Lowland UAS/12 AEF 
XV258/58         Nimrod MR2P              KMW 
ZE342            Tornado F3               111 Sq 
ZE908/HV         Tornado F3(T)            111 Sq 
ZE963            Tornado F3               43 Sq 
ZE969            Tornado F3               no unit marks 

Additional aircraft seen on 12th: 
46+31            Tornado ECR              JbG 32 
46+57            Tornado ECR              JbG 32 
ZH664/112        Harrier T10              3/4 Sq 
ZE755/GJ         Tornado F3               43 Sq 
ZE969            Tornado F3               no unit marks 
FT239            T-6H Harvard 4           P.O. (G-BIWX) 
52-8521/TA-521   T-6H Harvard 4           P.O. (G-TVIJ) 
CF-06            Merlin IIIA              21 Sm/15 Wing 

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