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Middle Wallop 1984

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Date: 7 July 1984

Made by:


23571              UH60A              USArmy 
15868              CH47C              USArmy 
XT604              Wessex             RAF 
265                UH14A              MLD 
84+73              CH53G              Heer 
23538              AH1S               USArmy 
(1)22              Super Frelon       FN 
MM81169/EI-827     CH47C              ALE 
XZ232/PO-647       Lynx               RN 
03314/54           UH1                Swedish Army 
03313/53           UH1                Swedish Army 
04063/63           CH46               Swedish 
XV668/586          Sea King           RN 
RS04               Sea King           FAB 
23425              UH60A              USArmy 
B4/OT-ZKD          Wessex             FAB 
MM81010/EI-851     A.109              ALE 
B-69               Bo.105             KLu 
XV636/606          Wasp HAS.1         RN 
XT472              Wessex 
H-202              H.500              RDAF 
136228             OH58               CF 
XZ932/S            Gazelle HT.2       2 FTS 
A-536              Alouette III       KLu 
A-266              Alouette III       KLu 
A-267              Alouette III       KLu 
A43                Alouette II        Belgian Army 
XZ222              Lynx AH.1          AAC 
XZ333/A            Gazelle AH.1       ARWS 
XW885/B            Gazelle AH.1       ARWS 
XW888/C            Gazelle AH.1       ARWS 
XW889/D            Gazelle AH.1       ARWS 
XW903/E            Gazelle AH.1       ARWS 
XX457/H            Gazelle AH.1       ARWS 
XW911/I            Gazelle AH.1       ARWS 
XZ329/J            Gazelle AH.1       ARWS 
ZA769/K            Gazelle AH.1       ARWS 
XZ308/L            Gazelle AH.1       ARWS 
XZ349/M            Gazelle AH.1       ARWS 
XZ322/N            Gazelle AH.1       ARWS 
XZ332/O            Gazelle AH.1       ARWS 
     /P            Gazelle AH.1       ARWS 
XZ317/Q            Gazelle AH.1       ARWS 
XZ316/R            Gazelle AH.1       ARWS 
XZ319/S            Gazelle AH.1       ARWS 
XZ340/T            Gazelle AH.1       ARWS 
XZ318/U            Gazelle AH.1       ARWS 
ZA737/V            Gazelle AH.1       ARWS 
XX392/W            Gazelle AH.1       ARWS 
XZ338/X            Gazelle AH.1       ARWS 
XX403/Y            Gazelle AH.1       ARWS 
ZA771/Z            Gazelle AH.1       ARWS 
XW865              Gazelle AH.1 
XW848              Gazelle AH.1 
XZ331              Gazelle AH.1 
ZA729              Gazelle AH.1 
ZA727              Gazelle AH.1 
XW913              Gazelle AH.1 
XZ294              Gazelle AH.1 
XZ336              Gazelle AH.1 
XX440              Gazelle AH.1 
XW847              Gazelle AH.1 
XZ341              Gazelle AH.1 
XW908              Gazelle AH.1 
XX441/CU-38        Gazelle HT.2       RN 
XX436/CU-39        Gazelle HT.2       RN 
XW863/CU-42        Gazelle HT.2       RN 
XX431/CU-43        Gazelle HT.2       RN 
XW891/CU-49        Gazelle HT.2       RN 
80+74              Bo.105             Heer 
XV758/J            Harrier GR.3       233 OCU 
XV370              Sea King SH3D      ETPS 
XS509              Wessex HU.5 
XZ936              Gazelle HT.2 
XS606              Andover C.1 
FT375              Harvard T.2 
XN817              Argosy 
622                Lynx               FN 
(2)262              Alouette III      FN 
0-15174            OH58C              USArmy 
67-17217           UH1N 
H-245              H.500              RDAF 
136229             CH-136             CF 
136231             CH-136             CF 
XT640              Scout AH.1 
WB693/S            Chipmunk T.10 
XZ215              Lynx AH.1 
XP848              Scout AH.1 
XR597              Scout AH.1 
T-412              Saab T-17          RDAF 
T-419              Saab T-17          RDAF 
XX615/2            Bulldog T.1 
XP816              Beaver 
XZ585              Sea King HAR.3 
TJ569              Auster AOP.5 
XZ640/C            Lynx AH.1 
G-DLRA             Islander 
ZA366              Tornado GR.1       45 Sqn 
XZ203/B            Lynx AH.1 
TF956              Sea Fury           FAAM 
LS326              Swordfish          FAAM 
XR244              Auster AOP.9 
XP778              Beaver AL.1 
XP820              Beaver AL.1 
XZ175/C            Lynx AH.1 
XZ649/E            Lynx AH.1 
XZ611/H            Lynx AH.1 
ZD283/M            Lynx AH.1 
XZ193              Lynx AH.1 
XW797/T            Scout AH.1 
XW798/U            Scout AH.1 
XW613/V            Scout AH.1 
XT624/W            Scout AH.1 
XT636/X            Scout AH.1 
XP885/Y            Scout AH.1 
XP900/Z            Scout AH.1 
XV137              Scout AH.1 
XW283              Scout AH.1 
XT131/B            Sioux AH.1 
XL814              Skeeter AOP.12 
ZE477              Lynx 3 
ZA310/VS           Sea King HC.4      846 NAS 
XS515/N            Wessex HU.5        RN 
XT770/P            Wessex HU.5        RN 
XW910/U            Gazelle HT.2       2 FTS 
ZB6228/V           Gazelle HT.2       2 FTS 
132002             Dash 7             CF 
67-18548           CH47C              USArmy 
76-22683           CH47C              USArmy 
76-22684           CH47C              USArmy 
80-23428           UH60A              USArmy 
RG333              Messenger 2A 
XP817              Beaver AL.1 
XT550/D            Sioux AH.1 
XV294              Hercules 
XV103              VC10 C.1 
70010              C141B              USAF 

XG502              Sycamore 
P5                 Hafner Rotorchute 
K4235              Cierva C30A 
XT108/U            Sioux AH.1 
XP847              Scout AH.1 
G-AXKS             Sioux              Bristows 
WZ721              Auster AOP.9 
A-533              Pucara  FAA 
111989             L19A Bird Dog 
TL659              Horsa II 

Main Gate: 
WZ724              Auster AOP.9 

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