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Biggin Hill 1974

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Date: 13/14 September 1974

Made by: Alan Macey, Keith J. Bollands, anonymous

Updated: 14 June 2005

XS596	       ANDOVER C.1	      46 SQDN RAF
XR137	       ARGOSY C.1	      115 SQDN RAF
XS766          BASSET C.1             RAF 
XS773          BASSET C.1             RAF 
XS776          BASSET C.1             RAF 
XS777          BASSET C.1             RAF 
XV360          BUCCANEER S.2          RAF 
XX547 42       BULLDOG T.1	      CFS RAF
XX551          BULLDOG T.1            RAF 
XX552          BULLDOG T.1            RAF 
XX555          BULLDOG T.1            RAF 
XX556          BULLDOG T.1            RAF 
XX558          BULLDOG T.1            RAF 
XH135          CANBERRA               RAF 
WJ756 6        CANBERRA               98 SQDN RAF 
WZ868          CHIPMUNK T.10          AEF RAF 
WB533          DEVON C.1              207 SQDN RAF 
WB535          DEVON C.1              207 SQDN RAF 
XS739 F        DOMINIE T.1            6 FTS RAF 
XW858 C        GAZELLE HT.2           2 FTS RAF 
XW898 G        GAZELLE HT.2           2 FTS RAF 
XW902 H        GAZELLE HT.2           2 FTS RAF 
XW910 K        GAZELLE HT.2           2 FTS RAF 
XW906 J        GAZELLE HT.2           2 FTS RAF 
XP514          GNAT T.1               R.ARROWS RAF 
XP531          GNAT T.1               R.ARROWS RAF 
XR540          GNAT T.1               R.ARROWS RAF 
XR953 29       GNAT T.1               4 FTS RAF 
XR955          GNAT T.1               R.ARROWS RAF 
XR987          GNAT T.1               R.ARROWS RAF 
XR991          GNAT T.1               R.ARROWS RAF 
XR993          GNAT T.1               R.ARROWS RAF 
XS107          GNAT T.1               R.ARROWS RAF 
XS111          GNAT T.1               R.ARROWS RAF 
XV747          HARRIER GR.3           RAF 
XW923 23       HARRIER GR.1A          1 SQDN RAF 
KF314	       HARVARD IIb	      RAF
XV192          C-130                  LTW  RAF 
XV209          C-130                  LTW RAF 
XL600 83       HUNTER                 4 FTS RAF 
XX145          JAGUAR GR.1            RAF 
XX727          JAGUAR GR.1            RAF 
XW315 30       JET PROVOST T.5        3 FTS RAF 
XW370 49       JET PROVOST T.5        3 FTS RAF 
XW407 50       JET PROVOST T.5        3 FTS RAF 
XW424 52       JET PROVOST T.5        3 FTS RAF 
XW428 54       JET PROVOST T.5        3 FTS RAF 
XW303          JET PROVOST            RAF 
XR653 68       JET PROVOST T.4        1 FTS RAF 
XX485 85       JETSTREAM T.1          RAF 
XF274          METEOR 
XK885          PEMBROKE C.1           RAF 
XV575 C        PHANTOM FG.1           43 SQDN RAF 
XV675 PO-665   SEA KING HAS.1	      737 SQN RN
XT134	       SIOUX		      AAC Blue Eagles
XT193          SIOUX                  AAC 
XT206          SIOUX                  AAC Blue Eagles
XT244          SIOUX                  AAC 
XT511          SIOUX                  AAC Blue Eagles 
XW192          SIOUX                  AAC 
XR806          VC.10 C.1              10 SQDN RAF 
XM594          VULCAN                 RAF 
XV624 417      WASP HAS.1             RN 
XP299          WHIRLWIND H 
XP330          WHIRLWIND H 
XP339          WHIRLWIND H 
BA23           MIRAGE 5BA             FAB 
CH12	       C-130H		      FAB
FX20           F-104G                 FAB 
FX58           F-104G                 FAB 
FX72           F-104G                 FAB 
76    62-WD    NORATLAS               FAF 
G-AZSA         STAMPE                 "MX457"

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