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Dunsfold 1971

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Date: 12 June 1971

Made by:


XM706/D        	Gnat T.1    
XS109/A         Gnat T.1    
XS107           Gnat T.1	Red Arrows
G-ALND          DH.82A      
G-ABUU          CLA.7       
G-EBMB          Cygnet      
G-AIDN          Spitfire    
XW916           Harrier GR.1
XV806           Harrier GR.1
XW921           Harrier T.2 
158390 		AV-8A
158391 		AV-8A
158392		AV-8A
840             Hunter F.73B	RJAF
842             Hunter F.73B
825/K           Hunter F.73A
826/L           Hunter F.73A
827/M           Hunter F.73A

Production hangar:
G-9-248/JOR10   F.73B  		(to 849)   
G-9-249/JOR6    F.73B           (to 845)   
G-9-250/JOR7    F.73B           (to 846)   
G-9-255/JOR5    F.73B           (to 844)   
G-9-258/JOR11   F.73B           (to 850    
G-9-261/JOR     F.73B           (to ???)   
G-9-263/JOR9    F.73B           (to 848)   
G-9-264/JOR8    F.73B           (to 847)   
G-9-295/SW3     F.58A           (to J-4103)
G-9-297/SW9     F.58A           (to J-4109)
G-9-310/SW11    F.58A           (to J-4111)
G-9-314/SW8     F.58A           (to J-4108)
G-9-316/SW6     F.58A           (to J-4106)
G-9-320/SW7     F.58A           (to J-4107)
G-9-321/SW15    F.58A           (to J-4115)
G-9-322/CH      F.71            (to J-728) 
G-9-328/SW10    F.58A           (to J-4110)
G-9-331/CH      F.71            (to J-729) 
G-9-332/CH      F.71            (to J-730) 
G-9-333/SW2     F.58A           (to J-4102)
G-9-336/SW20    F.58A           (to J-4120)
G-9-337/SW21    F.58A           (to J-4121)
G-9-338         F.58A           (to J-4122)
G-9-246/JOR12   F.73B           (to 851)   
G-9-269         F.58A  		(to J-4129)
       /SW16    F.58A           (to J-4116)
       /SW17    F.58A           (to J-4117)
G-9-33?/CH8     F.71    	(to ???), probably G-9-335
XE682/786       Hunter GA.11
WV257/790       Hunter GA.11
WW659/793       Hunter GA.11

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