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Halton 1984

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Date: 23 June 1984

Made by:

Updated: 3 June 2004

XR140/56        Argosy E.1              8579M
XP409	 	Argosy C.1		8221M
XP442/55        Argosy T.2              8454M 
XW906/J         Gazelle HT.2            2 FTS 
ZB628/V         Gazelle HT.2            2 FTS 
XM709/67        Gnat T.1                8617M 
XP503/73        Gnat T.1                8568M 
XP504/68        Gnat T.1                8618M 
XP511/65        Gnat T.1                8619M 
XP533/33        Gnat T.1                8632M 
XP530/60        Gnat T.1                8606M 
XP534/64        Gnat T.1                8620M 
XP538/61        Gnat T.1                8607M 
XP540/62        Gnat T.1                8608M 
XR538/69        Gnat T.1                8621M 
XR574/72        Gnat T.1                8631M 
XR953/63        Gnat T.1                8609M 
XR980/70        Gnat T.1                8622M 
XR998/71        Gnat T.1                8623M 
XS102/66        Gnat T.1                8624M 
XS109/63        Gnat T.1                8626M 
XP567/23        Jet Provost T.4         8510M 
XP573/19        Jet Provost T.4         8236M 
XP585/24        Jet Provost T.4         8407M 
XP672/27        Jet Provost T.4         8458M 
XR643/26        Jet Provost T.4         8516M 
XR650/28        Jet Provost T.4         8459M 
XR662/25        Jet Provost T.4         8410M 
XR704/30        Jet Provost T.4         8506M 
XS179/20        Jet Provost T.4         8237M 
XS180/21        Jet Provost T.4         8238M 
XS209/29        Jet Provost T.4         8409M 
XS210/22        Jet Provost T.4         8239M 
XS215/17        Jet Provost T.4         8507M 
XS218/18        Jet Provost T.4         8508M 
XX494		Jetstream T.1
WH304		Meteor F8		7367M (fire dump)
WB938           Sedburgh TX.1           Halton GS 
WG496           Sedburgh TX.1           Halton GS 
ZA631		Venture T.2
ZA632		Venture T.2
ZA633		Venture T.2
XL426		Vulcan B.2
XD165           Whirlwind HAR.10        8673M 
XJ435/V         Whirlwind HAR.10        8671M 
XJ727/L         Whirlwind HAR.10        8661M 
XP395           Whirlwind HAR.10        8674M 
XR458		Whirlwind HAR.10	8662M
G-ASWJ          Beagle 206              8449M 

Outside old workshop:
XR951/26	GNAT T1                 8603M
XS100/57	GNAT T1                 8561M

Old workshop:
XM386		JET PROVOST T3		8076M
XM404		JET PROVOST T3          8055M
XM480		JET PROVOST T3          8080M
XN512		JET PROVOST T3          8435M
XP557		JET PROVOST T4          8494M
XR670		JET PROVOST T4          8498M
XE656		HUNTER F6               8678M
XG164		HUNTER F6               8681M
XG274/71	HUNTER F6               8710M
XR535/05	GNAT T1                 8569M
XR954/30	GNAT T1                 8570M

Old workshop bay 7:
XG209		HUNTER F6               8709M 
XM409/A		JET PROVOST T3		8082M
XM410/C		JET PROVOST T3          8054AM
XM417/D		JET PROVOST T3          8054BM
XM468/B		JET PROVOST T3          8081M
XP354		WHIRLWIND HAR10         8721M 

New workshop:
XM706/12	GNAT T1      		8572M
XR569/08	GNAT T1                 8560M
XR984/52	GNAT T1                 8571M
XS110/20	GNAT T1                 8562M
XT257 		WESSEX HAS3             8719M
XJ604		SEA VIXEN FAW2          8222M
XN126/S		SEA VIXEN FAW2          8655M
XN699		SEA VIXEN FAW2          8224M
XP921		SEA VIXEN FAW2          8226M
XM355/G		JET PROVOST T3          8229M
XM375/B		JET PROVOST T3          8231M 
XN458/H		JET PROVOST T3          8234M
XN467/F		JET PROVOST T3          8559M
XP640/E		JET PROVOST T4          8501M
XP686/D		JET PROVOST T4          8502M
XR651/A		JET PROVOST T4          8431M
XR672/C		JET PROVOST T4          8495M
WT746/A		HUNTER F4               7770M
WV276/D		HUNTER F4               7847M
XF319/B		HUNTER F4               7849M
XF526		HUNTER F4               8679M
XF527/70	HUNTER F4               8680M
XF974/C		HUNTER F4               7949M
XG290/74	HUNTER F4               8711M
XM381/O		JET PROVOST T3          8232M
XM402/J		JET PROVOST T3          8055AM
XM408/P		JET PROVOST T3          8233M
XM411/L		JET PROVOST T3          8434M
XN549/R		JET PROVOST             8235M
XN554/K		JET PROVOST T3          8436M
XS176/N		JET PROVOST T4          8514M
XS186/M		JET PROVOST T4          8408M


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