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Upper Heyford 1976

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Date: 3 July 1976

Made by: Peter Wood, Leon Loberman, Alan Macey

Updated: 14 June 2005

68-0555/AR        RF-4C             1TRS/10TRW, Alconbury 
74-.041/CR        F-4E              32TFS, Soesterburg 
68-0049/UH        F-111E            79TFS/20TFW, Upper Heyford 
68-0075/UH        F-111E            55TFS/20TFW, Upper Heyford 
74-01545/45       F-5E              527TFTS, Alconbury 
68-3799           OV-10A            20TASS/601TCW, Sembach 
68-0028/UH        F-111E            20TFW, Upper Heyford  (bicentennial scheme) 
69-5797           HH-53C            67ARRS, Woodbridge 
58-0084           KC-135Q           17BW, Beale 
74-1674           C-130H            463TAW, Dyess? 
66-0146           C-141A            437MAW, Charleston? 
AT-153            Sk-35XD           Esk-725, Karup 
GT-019            TF-100F           Esk-727, Skrydstrup 
RT-655            CF-104D           Esk-723, Aalborg 
R-340             F-104G            Esk-723, Aalborg 
XS713/C           Dominie T.1       6FTS, Finningley 
XX766/14          Jaguar GR.1       226OCU, Lossiemouth 
XV762/44          Harrier GR.3      233OCU, Wittering 
XW266/51          Harrier T.2A      233OCU, Wittering 
XV186/186         Hercules C.1      LTW, Lyneham 
24+28             F-104G            WS-10, ? 
58+65             Do.28D-2          WS-10, ? 
51+00             C-160D            LTG-61, ? 
104756            CF-104D           439Sqn, Solingen  (tiger c/s) 
104653            CF-104D           439Sqn, Solingen 
104755            CF-104D           Skv.331, Bodo 
D-8341            F-104G            323Sqn, Leeuwarden 
K-3068            NF-5A             314Sqn, Eindhoven 
K-4021            NF-5B             314Sqn, Eindhoven 
159576/501-AE     A-6E              VA-176, USS America 
159647/306-AE     A-7E              VA-15, USS America 
BA26              Mirage VBA        3Esc, Bierset 
CH10              C-130H            20Esc, Melsbroek 
FX04              F-104G            10 Wing, Kleine-Brogel 
G-AYIJ            Stampe 
N797US            Aeronca 
????              PA-28 
????              Auster 

68-0057/UH        F-111E            77TFS/20TFW, Upper Heyford 
68-0083/UH        F-111E            55TFS/20TFW, Upper Heyford 
68-0078/UH        F-111E            55TFS/20TFW, Upper Heyford 
XW420             JP T.5A           "The Poachers" 
XW369             JP T.5A           "The Poachers" 
XW427             JP T.5A           "The Poachers" 
XW357             JP T.5A           "The Poachers" 
XW336             JP T.5A           "The Poachers" 
XR720/M           Lightning F.6     11Sqn, Binbrook 
XP695/O           Lightning F.3     11Sqn, Binbrook 
XX765/27          Jaguar GR.1       226OCU, Lossiemouth 
MT-32             CM-170            "Diables Rouges" 
MT-21             CM-170            "Diables Rouges" 
MT-11             CM-170            "Diables Rouges" 
MT-15             CM-170            "Diables Rouges" 
MT-31             CM-170            "Diables Rouges" 
MT-12             CM-170            "Diables Rouges" 
MT-18             CM-170            "Diables Rouges" 
ST-14             SF.260MB          "The Swallows" 
ST-16             SF.260MB          "The Swallows" 
ST-17             SF.260MB          "The Swallows" 

Flying Only: 
66-7751/WR        F-4D              81TFW, Woodbridge 
66-7708/WR        F-4D              81TFW, Woodbridge 
65-0749/WR        F-4D              81TFW, Woodbridge 
??-????/WR        F-4D              81TFW, Woodbridge   (poss: 65-0706) 

Dispersed elsewhere: 
68-0034/UH        F-111E            20TFW, Upper Heyford 
68-0082/UH        F-111E            20TFW, Upper Heyford 
68-0001/UH        F-111E            20TFW, Upper Heyford 
68-0007/UH        F-111E            20TFW, Upper Heyford 
68-0016/UH        F-111E            20TFW, Upper Heyford 
67-0119/UH        F-111E            20TFW, Upper Heyford 

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