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Culdrose 2014

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Culdrose Air Day
Date: 31 July 2014
P-319 AS550C2 Esk 724  
11 C295M 13.el  
4105 MiG-29GT 41.elt  
ZZ501 Avenger T1 750sq  
XZ327 Gazelle AH1 AAC Recruiting Aid  
ZJ708/K Griffin HT1 60(R)sq  
XX205/846CU Hawk T1A 736sq  
ZK022/M Hawk T2 4(R)sq  
ZH855, ZH838/70 Merlin HM1 814sq  
ZH845/81 Merlin HM2 824sq  
ZJ126/K Merlin HC3 MDMF  
XZ440/DD-40 Sea Harrier F/A2 SFDO  
ZD990/DD-T90 Sea Harrier T8 SFDO  
ZE690/DD-90 Sea Harrier F/A2 SFDO    
ZH797/DD-97 Sea Harrier F/A2 SFDO    
ZH803/DD-03 Sea Harrier F/A2 SFDO    
ZH813/DD-13 Sea Harrier F/A2 SFDO  
XV649/180 S. King ASaC7 49sq  
ZA137/20 S. King HU5SAR 771sq    
ZA299/D S. King HC4 845sq  
ZJ260/60 Squirrel HT1 DHFS  
ZE631/XV Viking T1 626 VGS  
G-BARS ‘1377’ Chipmunk T10 ex WK520  
G-BCGC Chipmunk T10 ex WP903  
G-BLUZ Queen Bee ex LF858  
G-BNPH Pembroke C1 ex WV740  
G-BRHP O-58B ex 43-1923  
G-BWDS Jet Provost T3A ex XM424  
G-CBSK Gazelle HT3 ex ZB627/A  
G-LOSM Meteor NF11 ex WM167  
G-PRII Hunter PR11 ex WT723/862-LM  
G-ZZLE Gazelle HT2 ex XX436  
XZ180/C Lynx AH7 671sq  
ZD252/640 Lynx HMA8SRU 702sq  
ZZ380 Wildcat HM2 700Wsq  
G-BKGM ‘KP110’ Expeditor 3NM ex RCAF 2324  
G-BRRA Spitfire LFIXE ex MK912/SH-L  
G-BWMF Meteor T7 ex WA591/FMK-Q  
G-CHTK ‘P3886’ Sea Hurricane Ib ex AE977  
G-HELV ‘XJ771’ Vampire T55 ex Swiss U-1215  
G-KAMY AT-6D ex South African 8084  
G-SIJJ P-51D ex USAAF 44-72035  
PH-XXV TB-25N ex USAAF 42-32511  
Taxiing from SFDO:
ZB603/DD-T03 Harrier T8 SFDO  
ZE692/DD-92 Sea Harrier F/A2 SFDO    
ZH802/DD-02 Sea Harrier F/A2 SFDO    
ZZ503 Avenger T1 750sq  
ZH827/15 Merlin HM2 820sq  
ZH832/85 Merlin HM2 824sq  
ZH828 Merlin HM2 829sq  
ZH873/873 Hercules C4 24/30/47sq  
XV661/26 S. King HU5SAR 771sq    
XV666/21 S. King HU5SAR 771sq    
XV707/184 S. King ASaC7 849sq  
ZA166/16 S. King HU5SAR 771sq    
G-BXFI Hunter T7 ex WV372/R  
G-BXKF Hunter T7 ex XL577  
G-OMHD Canberra PR9 ex XH134  
G-VLCN Vulcan B2 ex XH558  
750 SQ area:
XX157 Hawk T1A 736sq  
XX240/CU-840 Hawk T1 736sq  
ZZ502 Avenger T1 750sq far side
XX170/170, XX217 Hawk T1A 736sq dep to Yeovilton
XX187/187, XX337/337 Hawk T1A 736sq hangar
XX316/316 , XX330/330 Hawk T1A 736sq dep to Yeovilton
XZ233/636 Lynx HAS2 SFDO area  
XT453/AB Wessex HU5 hangar  
XT761 Wessex HU5 SFDO area  
VX281/120-VL Sea Fury T20S suffered an engine failure at about 2,000ft during its display, with extremely professional flying,
the pilot made an emergency engine off landing, he did not lower the undercarriage until the last second to avoid the aircraft from stalling,
unfortunately the starboard undercarriage did not fully lock and it collapsed when it came in contact with the runway, causing the port undercarriage to also collapse.
The aircraft veered onto the grass where the pilot made his escape. Hopefully the aircraft can be rebuilt by the Royal Navy Historic Flight and return to
next year’s air show circuit.


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