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Shoreham 2013

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Shoreham Air Show 2013
Date: 31 August -1 September 2013
G-ACDA DH82A ex BB724  
G-AHAN DH82A ex PG644  
G-AIXJ DH82A ex DE426  
G-AKAZ L-4J ex 42-36375, as USAAF 57/G  
G-ANEM DH82A ex R5042  
G-ANEN DH82A ex DE410  
G-ANFM DH82A ex T5888  
G-AOBX DH82A ex T7187  
G-APLU DH82A ex T6825  
G-AWHE HA-1112 ex C.4K-31, as Lw <<+1  
G-AWYI BE-2C replica    
G-BMKC J-3C ex 43-29854, as USAAF 44/R  
G-BNPV Junkers CL1 replica  
G-BPLM Stampe SV4    
G-BUCK Casa 1-131E    
G-BUTX Bu133C    
G-BWRA Sopwith Triplane replica  
G-BWUE HA-1112 ex C.4K-102, as Lw -+10  
G-BXGX Chipmunk T10 ex WK586  
G-BZGA Chipmunk T10 ex WK585  
G-CCBN SE-5A replica  
G-CCCA Spitfire T9 ex PV202, as QV-I  
G-CDJJ Yak-52    
G-CHTK Hurricane I ex AE977, as P3886/UF-K  
G-DHPM DHC-1-200 as/ex FAP1365  
G-HUPW Hurricane I ex R4118  
G-KITT P-40M ex RCAF840, as 2104590/44  
G-MKVB Spitfire Vb as/ex BM597  
G-SIJJ P-51D as/ex 44-72035  
G-TPWX Bu181    
G-YOTS Yak-52    
N5057V PT-13D Breitling, ex 42-17435  
SE-BOG N2S-3 Breitling, ex BuNo07524  
LS326/L2 Swordfish II RNHF  
G-RADR/503 AD-4N as/ex BuNo126922  
G-SOAF Strikemaster Mk90 ex OmanAF425    
PH-XXV TB-25N ex 44-29507, as N5-149/232511  
N147DC C-47A ex 42-100884/L4  
Flying Only:
LF363/YB-W Hurricane IIC BoBMF  
PA474/KC-A Lancaster B1 BoBMF  
PM631 Spitfire PR.XIX BoBMF  
ZF239/RA-F Tucano T1 72(R)sq  
ZK306/BT Typhoon FGR4 29(F)sq  
G-BEDF B-17G ex 44-85784, as 124485/DF-A  
G-BXFI Hunter T7 ex WV372  
G-RNHF Sea Fury T20 RNHF, as/ex VX281/VL-120  
G-SABR F-86A ex 48-0178  
Although we know that this report is quite dated, the sender that visited the show was short of spare time, but still we want to share this interesting airshow with a lot of warbirds and ex-miltary anyway.

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