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Coventry 2003

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Date: 30/31 May 2003

Made by: Scramble, Fred Willemsen, Jeep Stoker


DC-2, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines c/s
The show at Coventry was full of magnificent old aircraft, including this rare Douglas DC-2. With the nickname "Uiver" it is flying in the colour scheme of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. And although it officially has the American registration N39165 the Dutch registraion PH-AJU is much more visible.

Photo Gary Parsons

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WR963/X		Shackleton AEW2	Air Atlantique HF
D-FKMA		An-2		Aero Troika
G-CONV		Convair 440-5	Atlantic Airlines
G-GAFT		PA-44-180	Atlantic Airlines FT

14863		T-6		'USAAF'
ES-XCL 		Ryan NYP repl.	as "NX211", w/o during show
F-AZKS		MS733		French AF c/s
F-AZVM		N2501F-3	ex 105/62-SI
F-GMMY		MS733		French Navy c/s
G-ACEJ/30	DH83		J.I. Cooper
G-AGTM		DH89A-6		Air Atlantique HF           
G-AIDL	        DH89A	        Air Atlantique HF   
G-AKPF	        M14A	        ex V1075            
G-AMPY	        C-47	        Air Atlantique      
G-AMRA	        C-47B	        Air Atlantique      
G-AMSV	        C-47B		MCA/Pollution Cntrl    
G-APJB	        Prentice T1	ex VR259/M          
G-APLO?	        Chipmunk T10	ex WD379            
G-APSA	        DC-6A		Atlantic Airline            
G-APRS	        Twin Pioneer 3	Bravo Aviation      
G-ASJV	        Spitfire 9B	ex MH434/ZD-B       
G-AXBW	        DH82A		ex T5879/RUC-W              
G-AZWT	        Lysander 3A	ex V9367/MA-B       
G-BEDF	        B-17G		ex 124485-A-D               
G-BNPH	        Pembroke C1	ex WV740            
G-BPIV 	        Bolingbroke 4T	ex R3821/UX-N       
G-BTCD	        P-51D		ex 413704/B7-H              
G-BXUL	        FG-1D		ex 92844/8                  
G-BVWC	        Canberra B2/6	ex WK163            
G-BZSE	        Hunter T8C	ex WV322/Y          
G-BYSE	        AB206		Alspath Properties          
G-CBBW	        Bulldog T1	ex XX619/T          
G-CVIX	        Sea Vixen D2	DeHavilland Aviation
G-DHDV	        DH104-C.2	Air Atlantique HF   
G-EIII	        EA300XS		D. Dobson                   
G-HELV 	        Vampire T55	ex XJ771            
G-LOFE	        L-188CF		Atlantic Airlines           
G-LOSM	        Meteor NF11	ex WM167            
G-SABR	        F-86A		ex 48-178/FU-178            
G-SIXC	        DC-6A/B		Atlantic Airlines           
G-TBRD	        CT-133AN	ex 21261/261        
G-TURF	        CeF406		MCA/Coast Guard             
G-VROE	        Anson T21	ex WD413            
G-WNAA	        A109E		Ambulance/Sloane            
N14113/119	AT-28S		ex 51-7545
N4234C		Pembroke C1	ex XL954
N7025N		HU-16C		ex 141262
NC39165/44	DC-2-142	ex PH-AJU

WT711/DD-833	Hunter GA11	pres
D-CAOA		EMB120ER/F	Air Omega
EI-PAX		Ce560XL		Eurojet
G-AMCA		C-47B		Air Atlantique PC
G-ANAF		C-47B		Thales Defence
G-AZKO/305	CeF337F		Willpower Garage
G-BUKA		SA227AC		Atlantic Airlines          
G-EMAS	        EC135T1		East Midlands Police       
G-FIND	        CeF406		Atlantic Airlines          
G-HEBE	        Bell 206B	MGGR (UK)          
G-IONA	        ATR42-300F	Highland Airways   
G-LEAF	        CeF406		Atlantic Airlines          
G-ROND	        Sh360-100	Streamline Avn	n/t
G-SSWR	        Sh360-100	Streamline Avn	n/t
G-ZLLE	        SA341G		G-ZLLE Ltd                 
N2RK	        L-188PF		Electra Aero               
N176AF	        Ce650                              
LN-FOI	        L-188CF		Atlantic Airlines	std
LN-FOL (G-LOFG)	L-188		Atlantic Airlines	derel
nn		L-188		Reeve Aleutian
nn		L-188		Atlantic Airlines

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