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Yeovilton 1982

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Date: 31 July 1982

Made by:

Updated: 14 June 2005

00445		C-5A			436 MAW  
XV258		Nimrod MR1	        42 sq    
XS597		Andover C1	        32 sq    
XH675		Victor K2	        55 sq    
XM597		Vulcan B2	        44 sq    
ZA291	VB	Sea King HC4	        846 sq   
XV653	598CU	Sea King HAS2A	        706 sq   
XX451	58	Gazelle HT2	        705 sq   
XZ991	AD	Harrier GR3	        3 sq     
WJ630	ED	Canberra T17	        360 sq   
273		SH-13B Lynx	        860 sq	 
44		Super Etendard	        11F	 
XW202	FC	Puma HC1	        240 OCU	 
XP359		Whilwind HAR10		Exhib Flt
A549		Pucara			ex Argentine AF	
ZA194	251	Sea Harrier FRS1	809 sq mks	
AE-331		Agusta A109		ex Argentine Army	
AE-422		UH-1H			ex Argentine Army	
XM870	652PO	Wessex HAS3		737 sq	         
XS517	ZC	Wessex HU5	        847 sq	         
ZA709	BD	Chinook HC1	        18 sq	         
WD413		Anson		        Private	G-BFIR   
T8191		Tiger Moth	        RNHF	         
WJ945		Varsity T1	        Private	G-BEDV   
XR445		Sea Heron C1		Yeovilton Stn Flt
XW789		HS125			32 sq	
50		Alize			4F
WR960	60	Shackleton AEW2		8 sq
00192	WR	A-10A			81 TFW
WH801	850	Canberra T22		FRADU
XZ358	L	Jaguar GR1		41 sq
03797		OV-10A			601 TCW
83795		OV-10A			601 TCW
ZA594		Tornado GR1		TWCU
21442	LN	F-111F			48 TFW
158923	LA-9	P-3C			VP-5
03793		OV-10A			601 TCW
GT-996	R	TF-100F			Esk 730
104843		CF-104			1 CAG
2117		F-104G			Mfg 2
2681		F-104G			Mfg 2
XN983		Buccaneer S2B		12 sq
XT859	K	Phantom FG1		111 sq
ZA110	573	Jetstream T2		750 sq
69-7202	SP	F-4G			52 TFW
XP751	DA	Lightning F3		LTF
XE685	861	Hunter GA11		FRADU
XL580	717VL	Hunter T8M		899 sq
XX280		Hawk T1			79 sq
XX163		Hawk T1			4 FTS
XS731	J	Dominie T1		6 FTS
VZ467	01	Meteor F(TT)8		1 TWU
XW303	127	Jet Provost T5A		7 FTS
XP924		Sea Vixen D3		Flight Refuelling

Falkland Islands Exhibition:
XZ246	PO	Lynx			815 sq
XS566	607	Wasp			829 sq	

Historic Flight Line:
463221		P-51D Mustang		N6340T
NX700H		F8F-2P Bearcat		Stephen Gray	
FX291		Harvard T2B		G-BGOV
AR213		Spitfire		
TF956	123T	Sea Fury		RNHF	
WB271	204R	Firefly			RNHF	
LS326	5A	Swordfish		RNHF	
S1287		Flycatcher replica	G-BEYB
G-WREN		Pitts S-2A		Marlboro	
G-ROLL		Pitts S-2A		Marlboro	
G-BBOH		Pitts S-2A		Marlboro	
F-WZCH		Cap 21		

Eastern End Flight Line:
XZ459	256	Sea Harrier FRS1	
XZ439	2	Sea Harrier FRS1	899 sq
XW927		Harrier T4	
XZ499	255	Sea Harrier FRS1	
XZ497	4	Sea Harrier FRS1	899 sq
ZA193	254	Sea Harrier FRS1	
XZ460	26	Sea Harrier FRS1	
ZA176	250	Sea Harrier FRS1	
G-HUNT		Hunter F51	
WV256	862	Hunter GA11		FRADU

Helicopter Flight Line:
79-23395	CH-47C			295th Aviation Co
70-15028	CH-47C			295th Aviation Co
ZA295	VM	Sea King HC4		846 sq                  
XT453	ZE	Wessex HU5	        847 sq                  
XT455	ZB	Wessex HU5	        847 sq                  
XT479	ZA	Wessex HU5	        847 sq                  
XT458	315L	Wessex HU5	        772 sq 'A' flt          
XT485	314L	Wessex HU5	        772 sq 'A' flt          
XT450	V	Wessex HU5	        845 sq                  
XS521	621PO	Wessex HU5	        772 sq                  
XT755	XX	Wessex HU5	        847 sq                  
XT461	W	Wessex HU5	        845 sq                  
XS484		Wessex HU5	        sand and spinach c/s    
XT770		Wessex HU5	        707 sq - green and white
XS515	XB	Wessex HU5	        847 sq                  
ZA298	VA	Sea King HC4	        846 sq                  
ZA310	VS	Sea King HC4	        846 sq                  
ZA312	VW	Sea King HC4	        846 sq                  
ZA296	VF	Sea King HC4	        846 sq                  
ZA293	VK	Sea King HC4	        846 sq                  
ZA313	VZ	Sea King HC4	        846 sq                  
XZ222		Lynx AH1	        Lynx Conversion Flt     
XZ175		Lynx AH1	        Lynx Conversion Flt     
XZ664		Lynx AH1	        Lynx Conversion Flt     
XZ210		Lynx AH1	        Lynx Conversion Flt     
XZ640		Lynx AH1	        Lynx Conversion Flt     
XZ648		Lynx AH1	        Lynx Conversion Flt     
XZ611		Lynx AH1	        Lynx Conversion Flt     
XZ234	643PO	Lynx HAS2	        702 sq                  
XZ250	305PO	Lynx HAS2	        702 sq                  
XZ689	641PO	Lynx HAS2	        702 sq                  
XX431	43	Gazelle HT2	        705 sq                  
XX451	58	Gazelle HT2	        705 sq                  
XW856	47	Gazelle HT2	        705 sq                  
XW894	52	Gazelle HT2	        705 sq                  
XZ938	45	Gazelle HT2	        705 sq                  
XX391	56	Gazelle HT2	        705 sq                  

Far Side:
WV267		Hunter GA11		FRADU   
XE668		Hunter GA11	        FRADU   
WT809		Hunter GA11	        FRADU   
WJ717	841	Canberra TT18	        FRADU   
59		Super Etendard	        11F     
10888	LN	F-111F		        48 TFW  
XV581	E	Phantom FG1	        43 sq   
XV572	N	Phantom FG1	        43 sq   
80626	WR	A-10A		        81 TFW	
WH803	856	Canberra T22	        FRADU	
WK126	843	Canberra TT18	        FRADU	
WH887	847	Canberra TT18	        FRADU	
WK142	848	Canberra TT18	        FRADU	
WT525	855	Canberra T22	        FRADU	
WT535	852	Canberra T22	        FRADU	
WJ636	842	Canberra TT18	        FRADU	
XX351		Hawk T1		        1 TWU	
XS101		Gnat T1	Private	        G-GNAT  
WV908	188A	Sea Hawk	        RNHF	

Flying Only:
XV239		Nimrod MR2		Kinloss Wing	with sidewinders

809 squadron hangar:
ZA177	77	Sea Harrier FRS1	809 sq
ZA191	253	Sea Harrier FRS1	809 sq
XZ500	252	Sea Harrier FRS1	809 sq
XZ457		Sea Harrier FRS1	809 sq
XZ496	257	Sea Harrier FRS1	809 sq
XZ492		Sea Harrier FRS1	809 sq

Between Hangars:
XT765	S	Wessex HU5		845 sq
XS483	T	Wessex HU5	        845 sq
		Wessex HU5	        845 sq
XT484	H	Wessex HU5	        845 sq
XS498		Wessex HU5	        845 sq
XS492		Wessex HU5	        845 sq
XS518	XP	Wessex HU5	        847 sq
XT471	XW	Wessex HU5	        845 sq
XS486	WW	Wessex HU5	        848 sq
XT449	C	Wessex HU5	        845 sq
XS507	XU	Wessex HU5	        847 sq

XW999		Chukar D1	
XZ763		Shellduck	

Also Present:
G-AMSV		Dakota			Air Atlantique

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