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Topclif 1972

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Topcliff Open Day
Date: 8 July 1972
Static/Flying (&)
P7350/T-ZH Spitfire IIA BoBMF &
PA474/KM-B Lancaster B1 BoBMF &
WA669 Meteor T7 CFS &
WD285/38 Chipmunk T10 2 FTS &
WG316/22 Chipmunk T10 2 FTS &
WG348/28 Chipmunk T10 2 FTS  
WR981/G Shackleton AE&AES  
WJ897/E Varsity T1 AE&AES &
XB259 Beverly C1 RAE &
XG274/71 Hunter F6 4 FTS &
XH304 Vampire T11 CFS &
XJ727/L Whilrwind HAR10   &
XN848 Argosy C1 AE&AES  
XP403 Whilrwind HAR10 202sq &
XP775 Beaver AL1 15 Flt  
XP819 Beaver AL1 15 Flt  
XR628 Scout AH1 666sq &
XR630/F Scout AH1 666sq &
XS781 Basset CC1    
XT174/W Sioux AH1 666sq &
XW187 Sioux AH1 666sq &
XV295/295 Hercules C1 LTW  
XW188 Sioux AH1 666sq  
XW206/CC Puma HC1 33sq &
XW299/56 Jet Provost T5 1 FTS &
XW301/60 Jet Provost T5 1 FTS &
XW302/61 Jet Provost T5 1 FTS &
XW312/71 Jet Provost T5 1 FTS &
XW313/72 Jet Provost T5 1 FTS &
XW321/39 Jet Provost T5 3 FTS &
XK671/7929M Comet C2 AE&AES  
Flying Display
XM180 Lightning F1A 226 OCU  
WF372/T Varsity T1 6 FTS  
WJ915/W Varsity T1 6 FTS  
XH556 Vulcan B2    
XL635 Britannia C1 99/511sq  
XP548/X Jet Provost T4 6 FTS  
XR673/V Jet Provost T4 6 FTS  
XS730/H Dominie T1 6 FTS  
XS732/B Dominie T1 6 FTS  
XV230/30 Nimrod MR1    
XW324/38 Jet Provost T5 3 FTS  
XW331/46 Jet Provost T5 3 FTS  
XW406/48 Jet Provost T5 3 FTS  
69-5826 HC-130P 67th ARRS  
unidentified HH-53C 67th ARRS  
Hangar Display:
WJ907/Q Varsity T1 AE&AES  
XP567/R Jet Provost T4 6 FTS  
XP772 Beaver AL1 15Flt  
XT121 Sioux AH1 666sq  
XT798 Mini Sioux    
XW374/75 Jet Provost T5 1 FTS  
Historic Aircraft hangar:
WG777/7986M Fairey FD2    
WG768 Short SB5    
WZ736/7868M Avro 707A    
WZ744/7932M Avro 707C    
XM412/17 Jet Provost T3 3 FTS  
XM461/18 Jet Provost T3 3 FTS  
Other aircraft:
WJ909/A Varsity T1 AE&AES  
WF328/B Varsity T1 AE&AES  
WF374/D Varsity T1 AE&AES  
WJ903/F Varsity T1 AE&AES  
WJ981/P Varsity T1 AE&AES  
VP958 Devon C2/2 nn  
WP970/42 Chipmunk T10 nn  


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