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Coventry 1965

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Date: 21 August 1965

Made by: David Miller


XR668	45		Jet Provost T.4		1 FTS	              
XP687	36	        Jet Provost T.4	        1 FTS	              
XS220	47	        Jet Provost T.4	        1 FTS           	
XS185	54	        Jet Provost T.4	        1 FTS	              
XP582	46	        Jet Provost T.4	        1 FTS	              
XP552	44	        Jet Provost T.4	        CFS	              
WL739		        Shackleton MR.2	        204 Sq.	              
XP752	D	        Lightning F.3	        74 Sq.	              
XF447		        Hunter F.6	        229 OCU	              
J9941		        Hawker Hart	        	              
PZ865		        Hurricane IIC	        	              
311	UD		CM-170 Magister	        "Patrouille de France"
363	UF  ?		CM-170 Magister	        "Patrouille de France"
352	UA		CM-170 Magister	        "Patrouille de France"
315	UB		CM-170 Magister	        "Patrouille de France"
351	UG		CM-170 Magister	        "Patrouille de France"
374	UE		CM-170 Magister	        "Patrouille de France"
8x		        Gnat T.1  	        "Red Arrows"	      
Kings Cup Final Race:			
1st	G-ARYS		Cessna 172			
2nd	G-APPK		Chipmunk	        
3rd	G-ASLY		Cessna F172	        
4th	G-ASCC		Auster 11	        
5th	G-ALZG	        Gemini		        
6th	G-ASEU	        Condor		        
7th	G-ASIT		Cessna 180	        
8th	G-ASLZ		Mooney M.20C	        
9th	G-ADGP		Hawk Speed 6	        
10th	G-ANMZ		Tiger Moth	        
11th	G-AGWB	        Proctor		        
12th	G-ARHZ		Turbulent	        

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