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Alconbury 1970

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Date: 5 September 1970

Made by: Martin Till, J. Price-Stevens


54-459    BV    EB-66c          39 TEWS 
0-17901         T-29B           HQ 3rd AF 
0-48343         C-47            513TAW 
37899     PG    C-130E          778TAS/464TAW 
0-50544         C-54G           HQ 16th AF 
50269           C-141A          436MAW 
41005           RF-4C           30TRS/10TRW        (IN HANGER) 
24538           HH-43B          BASE RESQUE FLT 
37816     PG    C-130E          778TAS/464TAW 
41060     AT    RF-4C           32TRS/10TRW 
0-91565         HH-43B 
0-61789         T-33A 
10360           HH-53C 
41073     AR    RF-4C           1TRS               (TAKE OFF) 
41033     AT    RF-4C           32TRS              (FLYING) 
41060     AT    RF-4C           32TRS              (FLYING) 
41080     AT    RF-4C           32TRS              (FLYING) 
37751     AT    RF-4C           32TRS              (FLYING) 
4x              F-100           20TFW              FLY PAST 
25+95           F-104G          JG74 
25+97           F-104G          JG74 
XS100     57    GNAT T.1        4FTS 
XF527     70    HUNTER F.6      4FTS 
XR535     05    GNAT T1.        4FTS 
XR676     52    JET PROVOST T.4 3FTS.                   
XT875     K     PHANTOM FG.1    43SQN. 
WG470     32    CHIPMUNK T10.   2FTS.              BLUE CHIPS  RESERVE A/C 
WK514     6     CHIPMUNK T10.   2FTS.              BLUE CHIPS  FLYING 
WZ879     23    CHIPMUNK T10.   2FTS.              BLUE CHIPS  FLYING 

RF-4Cs  "AR" 1TRS 

RF-4Cs "AS" 30TRS 

RF-4Cs "AT" 32TRS 

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