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Kemble 2004

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Date: 20 June 2004

Made by: Jim Groom


G-AEML          	DH 89 Dragon Rapide            
G-AOJH                  DH 83C Fox Moth                
G-BABG                  Piper 28-180 Cherokee C        
G-BAHS                  Piper 28R-200 Cherokee Arrow II
G-BAXZ                  Piper 28-140 Cherokee          
G-BAYP                  Cessna 150L                    
G-BBZH                  Piper 28R-200 Cherokee Arrow II
G-BFHR                  CEA Jodel DR220 2+2            
G-BKTZ                  Slingsby T67M Firefly          
G-BOFY                  Piper 28-140 Cherokee Cruiser  
G-BRBX                  Piper 28-181 Archer II         
G-BRUG                  Luscombe 8E Silvaire           
G-BSEU                  Piper 28-181 Cherokee Archer II
G-BSJZ		        Cessna 150J                    
G-BSTL                  Rand Robinson KR2              
G-BSVS                  Robin DR400/100 Cadet          
G-BWGT                  See XR679                      
G-BXJD                  Piper 28-180 Cherokee          
G-BXLI                  Bell 206B-3 JetRanger III      
G-BXSY                  Robinson R-22 Beta-II          
G-BYXS                  Grob G115E Tutor               
G-CBYE                  Pegasus Quik                   
G-CCVT                  Zenair CH 601UL                
G-CVIX		        See XP924                      
G-DLTR                  Piper 28-180 Cherokee E        
G-DPSP                  McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10     
G-EXEX                  Cessna 404 Titan II            
G-FLYY                  See 1112 (RSAF)                
G-IIDI          	Extra EA 300L                       
G-IIIS                  Sukhoi Su-26M2                      
G-IIXI                  Extra EA 300L                       
G-ISEH		        Cessna 182R Skylane II              
G-MCOY                  Flight Design CT2K                  
G-MJWK                  Huntair Pathfinder Mk 1             
G-MRST                  Piper 28RT-201 Arrow IV             
G-OCMT                  Aerotechnik EV-97 Eurostar          
G-ORRR                  Hughes 369HS                        
G-RAFS                  Thruster T600N 450                  
G-TDTW                  McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10          
G-TAOS                  McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10          
G-UVNR                  See OJ10                            
G-VETA                  See XL600                           
G-VONS                  Piper 32R-301T Turbo Saratoga       
G-WHEE                  Pegasus Quantum 15-912              
D-EZOZ                  Extra EA 300L                       
HA-PET                  Extra EA 330L                       
I-FLRE                  BAe 146-200                         
I-FLRO                  BAe 146-200                         
N350PB                  Piper 31-350 Navajo Chieftain       
N540TS                  Edge 540TK                          
TF-ATC                  Boeing 747-267B                     
AB910                   Vickers-Supermarine 349 Spitfire 5B 
PZ865                   Hawker Hurricane 2C                 
WD286		        DeHaviland Canada DHC 1 Chipmunk T10
WV318                   Hawker Hunter T7B                   
WV372                   Hawker Hunter T7                    
WZ507                   DeHavilland 115 Vampire T11         
XH134                   English Electric Canberra PR9       
XL577           	Hawker Hunter T7                 
XL600 (G-VETA)          Hawker Hunter T7                 
XM479                   Hunting Jet Provost T3A          
XP924 (G-CVIX)          DeHavilland 110 Sea Vixen D3     
XR538                   HS Gnat T1                       
XR679 (G-BWGT)          Hunting Jet Provost T4           
'XR991'                 HS Gnat T1 (really XS102, G-MOUR)
XW324                   BAC Jet Provost T5               
XW422                   BAC Jet Provost T5A              
XX219                   HS Hawk T1A                      
XX261                   HS Hawk T1A                      
XX292                   HS Hawk T1W                      
XX306                   HS Hawk T1A                      
XX481                   Scottish Aviation Jetstream T2   
XX725                   SEPECAT Jaguar GR3A              
ZA149                   BAe VC 10 K3                     
ZA463                   Panavia Tornado GR4              
ZA677                   Boeing-Vertol Chinook HC2        
ZA680                   Boeing-Vertol Chinook HC2        
ZD895                   Panavia Tornado GR4              
ZE504                   Viking TX1                       
ZF139                   Shorts Tucano T1                 
ZF238                   Shorts Tucano T1                 
ZF342                   Shorts Tucano T1                 
ZG472                   BAe Harrier GR7                  
ZG530                   BAe Harrier GR7                  
ZH867                   Lockheed C130J Hercules C4       
ZH881                   Lockheed C130J Hercules C5       
ZJ707                   Bell 412EP Griffin HT1           
36                      SPP Yakovlev Yak C11             
68                      Nanchang CJ-6A (Yak 18)          
1112 (G-FLYY) 	        BAC 167 Strikemaster 80A         
115227 (G-BKRA) 	North American T-6G Texan   
472035 (G-SIJJ)         North American P-51D Mustang
FAB-184 (G-SIAI)        SIAI-Marchetti SF260W       
MT-13                   Fouga CM170R Magister       
OJ10 (G-UVNR)           BAC 167 Strikemaster 87     
V-54                    Sud SE3130 Alouette II      

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