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Middle Wallop 1990

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Date: 22 July 1990

Made by:


136224             	CH-136
136230            	CH-136
H-206                	H.369
H-207                	H.369
H-212                	H.369
4188                	Gazelle
1229                	Puma
8478                 	CH-53G
7208                	UH-1
MM81234        		A.109
MM81259        		AB-412
A-177                	Aloutte III
A-307, A-350, A-351  	Aloutte III
A-383, A-390, A-465  	Aloutte III
A-499  			Aloutte III
B-38                  	Bo.105
B-70                  	Bo.105
283                    	Lynx
NZ7002            	C-130
NZ3801            	UH-1
V-210                	Alouette III
V-270                	Alouette III
87-0073              	CH-47
88-0287               	OH-58
81-23578            	UH-60
85-25397            	AH-64
85-25474            	AH-64
RT486, WZ711, XP242     Auster
XP282, XR241, XR244     Auster
ZG846, ZG848, ZG989     BN-2
ZA679, ZA720, ZD980     CH-47
N6985            	DH.82
WB565, WB615, WB642     DHC-1
WB693, WB754, WD325     DHC-1
WG321, WG323, WG403     DHC-1
WG432, WK559, WK620     DHC-1
WP925, WP928, WP964     DHC-1
WP971, WP983, WZ882     DHC-1
WZ884     		DHC-1
XP820            	DHC-2
XW848, XW848, XW849     Gazelle
XW851, XW853, XW857     Gazelle
XW865, XW885, XW895     Gazelle
XW897, XW907, XW911     Gazelle
XX380, XX406, XX436     Gazelle
XX413, XX438, XX450     Gazelle
XZ308, XZ312, XZ313     Gazelle
XZ316, XZ317, XZ318     Gazelle
XZ322, XZ325, XZ327     Gazelle
XZ331, XZ332, XZ333     Gazelle
XZ338, XZ349, XZ938     Gazelle
ZA737, ZA768, ZA769     Gazelle
ZA771, ZA777, ZB647     Gazelle
ZB666, ZB669, ZB675     Gazelle
ZB688, ZB691, ZB693     Gazelle
XZ206, XZ607, ZD279     Lynx
ZD560			Lynx
XW208, XW219, XW222     Puma
XP849, XP891, XT634     Scout
XT638, XT644, XT646     Scout
XV126, XV127, XV129     Scout
XV130, XW282     	Scout
ZE368            	Sea King
XT847, XT131            Sioux
XL814 \, XM553          Skeeter
AR213            	Spitfire
LS326           	Swordfish
ZG468            	WS-70
XR523            	Wessex
XJ763            	Whirlwind
G-AEFT        		Aeronca C3
G-AIZU        		Auster
G-AMRA        		C-47
G-AWLA        		C.150
G-BEYB        		Flycatcher Replica
G-BFSY        		PA-28
G-BIEJ            	S.76
G-BRVE         		Be.17
G-HGPI        		TB-20
G-HTPS         		Gazelle
G-MHSL        		Bo.105
G-OAUS        		S.76
G-OTSW        		Pitts S.1
HB-KAB        		TB-20

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