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Abingdon 1982

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Date: 18 September 1982

Made by:


XJ823 		Vulcan B2 
XL391           Vulcan B2 
XH537           Vulcan SR2
XW354/7 	Jet Provost T5A
XW358/18 	Jet Provost T5A
XW363/68        Jet Provost T5A
XX546/03        Bulldog T1     
XX639/02        Bulldog T1     
XV804/D 	Harrier GR3
XZ964/09 	Harrier GR3
XZ971/N 	Harrier GR3
XZ994/I 	Harrier GR3
XX168/168 	Hawk T1
XX202/P 	Hawk T1
XX236/236 	Hawk T1
XX238/238       Hawk T1
XX245/245       Hawk T1
XX250/250       Hawk T1
XX282/282       Hawk T1
XX290/290       Hawk T1
XV245/45 	Nimrod MR1
XV234/34 	Nimrod MR2
AE-413 		UH-1H 			(ex Argentinian)
ZA677/FK 	Chinook HC1
ET-209 		F-16B
XJ609 		Sea Vixen FAW2
WH794 		Canberra PR7
WJ825 		Canberra PR7
XS936/DF 	Lightning F6
A-533 		Pucara 			(ex Argentinian)
XH669 		Victor K2
XF439/17 	Hunter F6A
XL614 		Hunter T7B
XX891/J 	Buccaneer S2B
XP505 		Gnat T1
XP541 		Gnat T1
XV585/P 	Phantom FG1
(G-BCDJ 	Cherokee 140)
(G-BEEV 	Cherokee 140E)
ZA614 		Tornado GR1
XX968/DB 	Jaguar GR1
XZ112/32 	Jaguar GR1
XZ115/C 	Jaguar GR1
XZ119 		Jaguar GR1
XZ356/BP 	Jaguar GR1
XZ357/K 	Jaguar GR1
XZ360 		Jaguar GR1
XZ361/20 	Jaguar GR1
XZ368/EL 	Jaguar GR1
XZ383/BC 	Jaguar GR1
JI002 		Jaguar T2
'XX824' 	Jaguar 			
TB382 		Spitfire XIVe
XZ930/Q 	Gazelle HT3
XS120/520-CU 	Wessex HAS1
XR588 		Wessex HAR2
XK969 		Whirlwind HAR10
XP352 		Whirlwind HAR10

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