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Edinburgh 1971

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Date: 26 June 1971

Made by: John Tolland


Andover C Mk.1          XS604  		46 Sdn. 
Argosy C Mk.1           XR106  		114 Sdn. 
Basset CC Mk.1          XS781  		207 Sdn, NAD62. 
Basset CC Mk.1          XS770  		Queens Flight, Kitty 3. 
Devon C Mk.2            VP965  		207 Sdn. 
Gnat Prototype          XK740 		71 MU. 
Gnat T Mk.1             XP514  		14/4 FTS. 
Gnat T Mk.1             XR996/1  		CFS, The Red Arrows
				XS107/2  		CFS, The Red Arrows
				XR993/3  		CFS, The Red Arrows
				XS987/4  		CFS, The Red Arrows
				XS111/5  		CFS, The Red Arrows
				XS101/6 		CFS, The Red Arrows
				XR991/7  		CFS, The Red Arrows
				XR540/8 		CFS, The Red Arrows 
Hunter F Mk.6           XG226/47  		229 OCU. 
				XG225/58  		229 OCU. 
Hurricane 2C            LF363  		LE-D/Historic Aircraft Flight. 
Jet Provost T Mk.5      XW315/30   		3 FTS, The Gemini Pair.
				XW319/35   		3 FTS, The Gemini Pair.
				XW325/37  		3 FTS, The Gemini Pair.
				XW332/45  		3 FTS, The Gemini Pair. 
Lightning F Mk.6        XR728/D   		23 Sdn.
				XR747/K  		23 Sdn. 
Nimrod MR Mk.1          XV230 		236 OCU. 
Spitfire LF Mk.16E      RW393  		AX-T/on gate, ex 602 Sdn. 
Spitfire PR Mk.19       PM631  		AD-C/Historic Aircraft Flight. 
Swallow TX Mk.1         XS859  		318/661 GS. 
Vulcan B Mk.2           XM595  		617 Sdn. 
Whirlwind HAR Mk.10     XJ729  		C Flight 202 Sdn. 
Varsity T Mk.1          WJ907  		Q/CAW. 
Victor K Mk.1           XA930  		214 Sdn. 
Sioux AH Mk.1        	XT124  		Royal Scots Greys.
				XT558  		Royal Scots Greys. 
Sioux AH Mk.1        	XT238  		Royal Scots Greys.
				XT814  		Royal Scots Greys.
				XT840  		Royal Scots Greys.
				XT841  		Royal Scots Greys. 
Argus 2                 10738  		204 Sdn. 
SP.13A Atlantic         250/V  		321 Sdn, c/s PAHTI. 
P-3C                    157312 		LR/12  VP-24. 

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