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Leuchars 1965

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Date: 18 September 1965

Made by: Michael Branford


PS853		Spitfire 19	      
PS915	        Spitfire PR19         
PZ865	        Hurricane 2C 	(G-AMAU) 
TX227	        Anson T21             
VM325	        Anson C19             
VP968	        Devon C1              
WD363	        Chipmunk T10          
WE188	        Canberra T4           
WF333	        Varsity T1	AES   
WF374	        Varsity T1	AES   
WG349	        Chipmunk T10          
WG459	        Chipmunk T10          
WJ610	        Canberra B2           
WJ870	        Canberra T4           
WJ909	        Varsity T1	AES   
WJ948	        Varsity T1	AES   
WK106	        Canberra B2           
WL649	        Meteor                
WL671	        Varsity T1	AES   
WP839	        Chipmunk T10          
WP965	        Chipmunk T10          
WV318	        Hunter                
WV749	        Pembroke C1           
XA536	        Canberra T11          
XA911	        Vulcan B1             
XD225	        Scimitar F1           
XE956	        Vampire T11           
XG211	        Hunter F6             
XH392	        Javelin T3            
XH395	        Javelin T3            
XH435/D	        Javelin T3	228OCU
XH436	        Javelin T3            
XH437/X	        Javelin T3	23sqn 
XH647	        Victor B2R            
XH716/G	        Javelin FAW9          
XH767/F	        Javelin FAW9          
XH843	        Javelin FAW9          
XH883/K	        Javelin FAW9	228OCU
XH905/L	        Javelin FAW9	228OCU
XH909		Javelin FAW9          
XL230	        Victor B2             
XL390	        Vulcan B2             
XL560	        Hunter                
XM277	        Canberra B(1)8        
XM973	        Lightning T4	74sqn 
XM974	        Lightning T4	74    
XN302	        Whirlwind HAS7        
XN503	        Jet Provost T3        
XN854/F	        Argosy C1	232OCU
XN950/635 	Buccaneer S1
XN979/232 	Buccaneer S2
XP530		Gnat T1
XP698/F		Lightning F3	74sqn
XP700/A	        Lightning F3	74sqn
XP702/C	        Lightning F3	74sqn
XP703/G	        Lightning F3	74sqn
XP735/E	        Lightning F3	23sqn         
XP736/F	        Lightning F3	23sqn
XP737/L	        Lightning F3	23sqn
XP751/B	        Lightning F3	74sqn
XP755/P	        Lightning F3	74sqn
XP756/C	        Lightning F3	23sqn
XP758/D	        Lightning F3	23sqn
XP759/J	        Lightning F3	23sqn
XP760/K	        Lightning F3	23sqn
XP761/N	        Lightning F3	23sqn
XP763/M	        Lightning F3
XR396	        Comet 4C	216sqn
XR398	        Comet 4C	216sqn
XR663/57	Jet Provost T4	3FTS
XS180/61	Jet Provost T4	3FTS
XS416		Lightning T5	
XS423		Lightning T5	
CP39		C119 Packet	Belgian AF
FU16		F84		Belgian AF
FU106		F84		Belgian AF
0-53644		F100		USAF     
0-60009	        F101		USAF
0-60027	        F101		USAF
G-764	        F100		Danish AF
G-768	        F100		Danish AF
G-775	        F100		Danish AF
G-776	        F100		Danish AF
GT-982	        TF100		Danish AF        
G-AMZU	        J/5F Aiglet      
G-ANZZ	        DH82A Tiger Moth 
G-AROK	        Cessna 310F      
G-ASPI	        Cessna 172       
G-ATBK	        Cessna 172       

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