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Shoreham 1999

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Date: 30 July 1999

Made by: Darrell Brown, BK

Updated: 22 September 1999

XV186/186                  HERCULES C1 
ZF206/206                  TUCANO T1 
XX499/G                    JETSTREAM T1 
XK895/CU-19  G-SDEV        SEA DEVON C20 
WG316        G-BCAH        CHIPMUNK T10 
TS423/A      N147DC        DAKOTA C3 
XL929        G-BNPU        PEMBROKE C1 
MJ751/DU-V                 SPITFIRE REPLICA 
WP928/D      G-BXGM        CHIPMUNK T10 
OJ4/Z2       G-UNNY        STRIKEMASTER 87 
BE417        G-HURR        HURRICANE 
                           LIGHTNING                NOSE ONLY 
T7997        G-AHUF        TIGERMOTH 
SP-DOF                     TS-11 ISKRA 

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