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Ternhill 1973

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Date: 7 October 1973

Made by: John Dyer


WJ909/A		Varsity T1 		AE&AEOS                                 
XX517/42        Bulldog T1 		CFS                                    
XW858           Gazelle HT3 		CFS                                      
XV669/BL-410    Sea King HAS1 		824Sqdn                         
XT788/424       Wasp HAS1 		829Sqdn/HMS Minerva                    
XV323/L         Sioux HT2 		CFS
XV314/M         Sioux HT2 		CFS
XJ726/F         Whirlwind HAR10 	CFS
XJ727/L         Whirlwind HAR10 	CFS
XP300/S         Whirlwind HAR10 	CFS
XJ758/Z         Whirlwind HAR10 	CFS
XT798           Sioux AH1 AAC                                        

Hangar 50:
XP405/D 	Whirlwind HAR10 	CFS
XP334/K 	Whirlwind HAR10 	CFS
XP338/N 	Whirlwind HAR10 	CFS
XP331/T 	Whirlwind HAR10 	CFS
XD163/X 	Whirlwind HAR10 	CFS
XV313/E 	Sioux HT2 		CFS
XV319/N 	Sioux HT2 		CFS
XW862 		Gazelle HT3 		CFS
XW866 		Gazelle HT3 		CFS

Hangar 87:
XP356/B 	Whirlwind HAR10 	CFS
XP394/C 	Whirlwind HAR10 	CFS
XP333/G 	Whirlwind HAR10 	CFS
XR458/H 	Whirlwind HAR10 	CFS
XN127/W 	Whirlwind HAR10 	CFS
XV318/V 	Sioux HT2 		CFS
XV324/X 	Sioux HT2 		CFS
XV317/Z 	Sioux HT2 		CFS
XW855 		Gazelle HT3 		CFS

XF509/73	Hunter F6 		4FTS
XS709/M		Dominie T1 		6FTS
WG317 		Chipmunk T10 		RAF Cosford
XX477 		Jetstream T1 		CFS
XW325/37	Jet Provost T5 		3FTS/Gemini Pair
XW407/50	Jet Provost T5 		3FTS/Gemini Pair
XW410/51	Jet Provost T5 		3FTS/Gemini Pair
XW360/1		Jet Provost T5 		RAFC/Poachers
XW363/2		Jet Provost T5 		RAFC/Poachers
XW352/3		Jet Provost T5 		RAFC/Poachers
XW359/4		Jet Provost T5 		RAFC/Poachers
XW357/5		Jet Provost T5 		RAFC/Poachers
XW336/6		Jet Provost T5 		RAFC/Poachers
G-BADW 		Pitts S2A 		Rothmans Team
G-BADY 		Pitts S2A 		Rothmans Team
G-BAEA 		Pitts S2A 		Rothmans Team

Fire dump:
XG452 		Belvedere HC1

Gate guard:
XJ385/S-J	Sycamore HC1 		ex CFS

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