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Swanton Morley 1990

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Date: 17 June 1990

Made by: Clive Wells


Outside and flying only:
XT670		Wessex HC.2		22 SQN	
XW293/2		Jet Provost T.5		6 FTS	
XW852		Gazelle HT.3		32 SQN	
XX165		Hawk T.1		4 FTS	
XX541/L		Bulldog T.1		1 FTS	
XX692/5		Bulldog T.1		CFS	
XX965		Jaguar GR.1		226 OCU	  Display c/s
ZD346/E		Harrier GR.5		233 OCU	
ZD348/G		Harrier GR.5		233 OCU	
ZE551		Viking TX.1		611 VGS	
ZE560		Viking TX.1		611 VGS	
ZE907		Tornado F.3		229 OCU	  Display c/s
ZF205		Tucano T.1		CFS	
88284		MH-53J Jolly Green Giant 21 SOS	
RS03		Sea King Mk.48		40 SQN	  Belgian Air Force
LF363		Hurricane IIc		BoBMF	
PA474		Lancaster B.1		BoBMF	
PS915		Spitfire XIX		BoBMF	
WB660		Chipmunk T.10		G-ARMB	 	

WJ775/Z		Canberra B.3		CSDE	
XG290/8711M	Hunter F.6		CSDE	
ZE524		Viking TX.1		611 VGS	
ZE553		Viking TX.1		611 VGS	

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