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Tangmere 1963

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Date: 14 September 1963

Made by: anonymous, John Chapman

Updated: 23 March 2007

168		CM170 Magister		ADLA
169		CM170 Magister		ADLA
172		CM170 Magister		ADLA
173		CM170 Magister		ADLA
174		CM170 Magister		ADLA
240		CM170 Magister		ADLA
353		CM170 Magister		ADLA
159		N2501 Noratlas		ADLA
139		Super Mystere B4	ADLA (EC1/12 12-YE)
151		Super Mystere B4	ADLA (EC1/12 12-YN)
315073		C-47A			ADLA
25		MS.760 Paris		ADLA
O-26146		DHC-2 Beaver		USAF
O-35830		T-33			USAF

WZ744		Avro 707C
XB265		Beverley C1
WH869		Canberra T4		RAF (98 sqdn)
WJ681		Canberra B2		RAF (98 sqdn)
WK130		Canberra B2
WK145		Canberra B2		RAF (98 sqdn)
WK162		Canberra B2
WG350		Chipmunk T10		RAF (SUAS/U)
XR399		Comet C4		RAF (216sq)
TG610		Hasting C1
J9933		Hawker Hart
XL623		Hunter T7		RAF
XH905		Javelin FAW9
XP575		Jet Provost T4		RAF
XR647		Jet Provost T4		RAF (2FTS/32)
XR678		Jet Provost T4		RAF (CFS/55)
WL121		Meteor F8		RAF
TW117		Mosquito T3
TE311		Spitfire LF16e		RAF - gate guardian
VX542		Valetta C1
WP217		Valiant B1
XD435		Vampire T11
WF383		Varsity T1		RAF (115 sqdn/E)
WF424		Varsity T1		RAF (115 sqdn/F)
WJ911		Varsity T1		RAF (115 sqdn/L)
WL636		Varsity T1		RAF (115 sqdn/D)
XM327		Wessex HAS1		RAE
XP352		Whirlwind HAR10		RAF (22 sqdn)
XP353		Whirlwind HAR10		RAF (22 sqdn)
G-AIDN		Spitfire 8
G-ARID		Ce172B
G-ARLY		Auster J/5P
G-AROD		Ce175B

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