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Cosford 1993

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Date: 20 June 1993

Made by: Scramble


A-483                 Alouette 3    GPH
B-43                  Bo105CB       299sq
64-0533               C-130E        37th AS
XX558/A               Bulldog T1    Burmingham UAS
WP839/A               Chipmunk T10  8AEF
XZ940/O               Gazelle HT2   2FTS
XV181/181             Hercules C1P  LTW
XX110    (8955M)      Jaguar GR1    instr
XN593/97 (8988M)      Jet Prov T3A  instr
XS178/05 (8994M)      Jet Prov T4   instr
XW304/X  (9172M)      Jet Prov T5B  instr
ZF410/410             Tucano T1     1FTS
XT607/P               Wessex HC2    72sq
Also the aircraft from the local museum.

XW544    (8857M)      Buccaneer S2B instr
XV752/B  (9078M)      Harrier GR3   instr
XZ130/A  (9079M)      Harrier GR3   instr
XX756/AM (8899M)      Jaguar GR1    instr
XX844/F  (9023M)      Jaguar GR1    instr
XX969/01 (8897M)      Jaguar GR1    instr
XZ368/AG (8900M)      Jaguar GR1    instr
ZH186                 Vigilante T1  633VGS

XS641                 Andover C1PR  instr
XS793    (9178M)      Andover CC2   instr
XX727/ER (8951M)      Jaguar GR1    instr
XX819/CE (8923M)      Jaguar GR1    instr
XX959/CJ (8953M)      Jaguar GR1    instr
XX967/AC (9006M)      Jaguar GR1    instr
XX968/AJ (9007M)      Jaguar GR1    instr
XZ370/JB (9004M)      Jaguar GR1    instr
XZ374/JC (9005M)      Jaguar GR1    instr
XZ383/AF (8801M)      Jaguar GR1    instr
XZ384/BC (8954M)      Jaguar GR1    instr
XZ390    (9003M)      Jaguar GR1    instr

Behind Hangar:
XW321/62 (9154M)      Jet Prov T5A  store
XW328/75 (9177M)      Jet Prov T5A  store
XW410/80 (9125M)      Jet Prov T5A  store
XW432/76 (9127M)      Jet Prov T5A  store

XT277    (8853M)      Buccaneer S2A store
WB271                 Firefly AS5   FAAHF
XW862/D, XW906/J      Gazelle HT3   2FTS
ZD322/A               Harrier GR5   20sq
ZD403/G               Harrier GR7   20sq
XX226                 Hawk T1       4FTS
XV306                 Hercules C1P  LTW
PZ865                 Hurricane 2c  BoBMF
XV243/43              Nimrod MR2P   120sq
XW232/DJ              Puma HC1      33sq?
XZ595                 Sea King HAR3 202sq
PS915                 Spitfire PR19 BoBMF
ZE791/A9              Tornado F3    56sq
ZF202/202, ZF338/338  Tucano T1     3FTS
G-AKAT                Magister      'T9738'
G-AMPY                DC-3          Air Atlantique
G-ANIE                Auster 5      'TW467'
G-AOKL                Prentice T1   'VS610'
G-ASAJ                Auster T7     'WE569'
G-BKHP                Provost T1    'WW397'
G-BKOU                Jet Prov T3   'XN637'
G-BNGE                Auster AOP6   'TW536'
G-BOOM                Hunter T53
G-BPIV                Blenheim IV   "Z5722"
G-HELV                Vampire T55   'U-1215'
G-LOSM                Meteor NF11   'WM167'
G-MOUR (XS102)        Gnat T1       "XR991"
RA-02293              Yak-52        c/n 9011013

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