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Bournemouth 1999

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Date: 6 June 1999

Made by: Howard J. Curtis


RT610 (G-AKWS)     Auster V             hangared 
G-BWOF             Jet Provost T5       hangared 
(XK527)            Buccaneer S2D        nose only, museum 
G-AGSH             Dragon Rapide 6      hangared 
'215'/G-HELV       Vampire T55          flew with the Meteor as 'The Heritage Pair' 
(G-GONE)           Venom FB50           under restoration in maintenance hangar 
WM167 (G-LOSM)     Meteor NF11          flew with the Vampire as 'The Heritage Pair' 
G-BEYF             Herald 401           on loan to museum, outside 
(G-EGHH)           Hunter F58           under restoration in maintenance hangar 
G-VETA             Hunter T7            flying 
(G-BWGL/XF357)     Hunter T8C           under restoration in maintenance hangar 
G-HVIP             Hunter T68           hangared 
XR537/T (G-NATY)   Gnat T1              museum 
XP672/03 (G-RAFI)  Jet Provost T4       flying 
'503'/G-BRAM       MiG-21PF             on display outside 
WK163 (G-BVWC)     Canberra B6          flying 
G-PSST             Hunter F58           flying 
XW433 (G-JPRO)     Jet Provost T5       visitor 
G-DAKK             Dakota               pleasure flights 

Elsewhere on field: 
553                BAC 1-11             Omani AF 
N47FK              Dakota               visiting 
G-BOAE             Concorde 
And numerous FR Falcons including G-FRAO,G-FRAS,G-FRAW 

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