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Wattisham 1986

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Date: 7 June 1986

Made by: Gary Donnison


ZD938/AR             TORNADO F.2              229 OCU 
ZA608/Z              TORNADO GR.1             617 SQN 
XV751/AU             HARRIER GR.3             3 SQN 
XW305                J.PROVOST T.5A           RAFC 
XR749/Q              LIGHTNING F.3            56 SQN 
XX183                HAWK T.1                 4 FTS 
XZ107/H              JAGUAR GR.1              41 SQN 
ZE354/R              PHANTOM F.3              74 SQN 
ZE363                PHANTOM F.3              74 SQN 
XV492/C              PHANTOM FGR.2            56 SQN 
XT897/M              PHANTOM FGR.2            228 OCU 
XV498/U              PHANTOM FGR.2            92 SQN 

25+12                F-104G                   LVR-1 
XV501/B              PHANTOM FGR.2            56 SQN 
XV410/E              PHANTOM FGR.2            56 SQN 
XV500/J              PHANTOM FGR.2            56 SQN 
XV469/T              PHANTOM FGR.2            56 SQN 
ZD905                TORNADO F.2              229 OCU 
XZ585                SEA KING HAR.3           202 SQN 
WK522                CHIPMUNK T.10            (G-BCOY) 
FR870                P-40 
LF363                HURRICANE IIC            BoBMF 
P7350                SPITFIRE II              BoBMF 
MH434                SPITFIRE IX 
463221               P-51 
226671               P-47 
------/29  F-4U 

XV435/R              PHANTOM FGR.2            92 SQN 
XR718/DE             LIGHTNING F.3            LTF 
XX---/C              BULLDOG 

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