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Coltishall 1967

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Date: 16 September 1967

Made by: Peter A Hambelton

Updated: 30 November 2003

64-0886  	F-4C Phantom		81TFW
62-4521  	HH-43B  Huskie		40ARRW
56-0114 	RF101C Voodoo		66TRW
55-03683 	F-100D Super Sabre
R-647           F104G Starfighter  	Esk 726
R-753           F104G Starfighter  	Esk 726
R-754    	F104G Starfighter  	Esk 723
RT-683          TF104G Starfighter  	Esk 726
N706            C-54                    Esk 721
415/13-PK  	Mirage 3E  		French Air Force
458/13-PP       Mirage 3E               French Air Force
161/62-KL       Nord Atlas                 
XA778           Javelin FAW2            A&AEE
XN468/41        Jet Provost T.4         CFS "Red Pelicans"
XS212/40        Jet Provost T.4         CFS "Red Pelicans"
XS213/46        Jet Provost T.4         CFS "Red Pelicans"
XS225/47        Jet Provost T.4         CFS "Red Pelicans"
XS229/49        Jet Provost T.4         CFS "Red Pelicans"
XR677/34        Jet Provost T.4         3 FTS
XR702/31        Jet Provost T.4         3 FTS
XR952/31        Gnat T.1                4FTS
XR953/29        Gnat T.1                4FTS
XP580/34        Jet Provost             College of Air Warfare (CAW)
XJ723           Whirlwind HAR.10        202 Sqn.
XP404           Whirlwind HAR.10        202 Sqn.
XM570           Vulcan B.2              Waddington Wing  
XL512           Victor K.2              57 Sqn.
XH616           Victor K.1A             57 Sqn
XG199/44        Hunter F.6              229 OCU.
XM172/172       Lightning F1A           226 OCU
XM173/173       Lightning F1A           226 OCU.
XM180/180       Lightning F1A          226 OCU
XM183/183       Lightning F1A          226 OCU
XM214/214       Lightning F1A          226 OCU
XM215/215       Lightning F1A          226 OCU
XM973/973       Lightning T4           226 OCU
XM990/990       Lightning T4           226 OCU
XP441/441       Argosy C1
XV166/654-LM    Buccaneer S2B           736sq
WB681/569       Chipmunk T10            RAFC
WT345           Canberra B1(8)          16sq
XM491/491       Britannia C1            99sq/511sq
XV181/181       Hercules C1
XL479/261-V     Gannet AEW3             849sq
XJ610/254-V     Sea Vixen FAW2
XS780           Beagle Basset CC1
WG555/K         Shackleton MR3          203sq
WD496/496       Hastings C2             A&AEE

16sq Canberra B(I)8 at the staticshow 


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