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Finningley 1993

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Battle of  Britain Open Day

Date: 17/18 September 1993
Made by: Scramble
Updated: 3 November 2002, 6 January 2016
AT12 Alpa Jet 1B 11sm  
CF02 SA226 21sm  
FA10 F-16A 349sm  
FA55 F-16A 349sm  
140117/117 CP-140 407sq  
41 Br1050 59S  
51 N262A 57S  
76/DA N262A 316GE  
55 EMB121AN 57S  
33 Super Etendard 17F  
41 Super Etendard 11F  
527/3-IN Mirage IIIE EC1/3  
479/3-XG Mirage IIIE EC3/3  
563/3-XN Mirage IIIE EC3/3  
35+29 RF-4E AG51  
Z5722 Bolingbroke    
XW527 Buccaneer S2B 12sq  
XV359 Buccaneer S2B 208sq  
XW530 Buccaneer S2B 12sq  
XV344 Buccaneer S2C DRA Farnborough  
WJ986/EP Canberra T17A 360sq  
WH953 Canberra B6 DRA Farnborough  
XS712/A Dominie T1 6 FTS  
XS736/S Dominie T1 6 FTS  
XX445 Gazelle AH1 667sq  
XP504/G-TIMM Gnat T1 P.O. Oxford  
ZD345/J Harrier GR5 20(R)sq  
ZD348/G Harrier GR7 20(R)sq  
ZD411 Harrier GR7    
FS728 Harvard IIB P.O. Denham  
XX247/CM Hawk T1 100sq  
XX263/263 Hawk T1 19(R)sq  
XX281/O Hawk T1 92(R)sq  
XV210/210 Hercules C1P LTW  
XV295/295 Hercules C1 LTW  
XL616 Hunter T7 16(R)sq  
XX748/GK Jaguar GR1A 54sq  
XX116 Jaguar GR1A 16(R)sq  
XX965/7 Jaguar GR1A 16(R)sq  
XN461 Jet Provost T3A 1 FTS  
XW287/P Jet Provost T5A 6 FTS  
XW296/Q Jet Provost T5A 6 FTS  
XW302/T Jet Provost T5A 6 FTS  
XW307/S Jet Provost T5A 6 FTS  
XW429 Jet Provost T5A 6 FTS  
XX476 Jetstream T2 750NAS  
XX492/A Jetstream T1 45(R)sq  
XX494/B Jetstream T1 45(R)sq  
XX495/C Jetstream T1 45(R)sq  
XX499/G Jetstream T1 45(R)sq  
XX500/H Jetstream T1 45(R)sq  
PA474 Lancast B1 BBMF  
XZ608 Lynx AH7 671sq  
ZD560 Lynx AH7 ETPS  
XV227/27 Nimrod MR2P Kinloss Wg  
XV251/51 Nimrod MR2P Kinloss Wg  
WW397 Provost T1 P.O. Lyneham  
XW208 Puma HC1 nn  
F141 SE5A private  
F8010 SE5A P.O. Booker  
F943 SE5A P.O. Booker  
ZA130 Sea King HAS6 Culdrose  
B2458 Sopwith Camel P.O. Booker  
TD248 Spifire XVIe P.O. Audley end  
ZA395/W Tornado GR1A 2sq  
ZE165/FO Tornado F3 29sq  
ZE836/AS Tornado F3 56(R)sq  
ZE839/AR Tornado F3 56(R)sq  
ZE966/DZ Tornado F3 11sq  
ZE967/EU Tornado F3 25sq  
ZA393/BE Tornado GR1 14sq  
ZD996/I Tornado GR1A 2sq  
ZG725/J Tornado GR1A 13sq  
ZF406/406 Tucano T1 CFS  
ZA143/D VC-10 K2 101sq  
XH672 Victor K2 55sq  
J-136 F-16A 316sq  
J-628 F-16A 306sq  
J-655 F-16B 306sq  
J-208 F-16B 316sq  
C.15-70/12-28 EF-18A Ala 15  
C.15-72/12-30 EF-18A Ala 15  
57-1482 KC-135E 117th ARS KS ANG  
59-1460/DY KC-135Q 917th ARS  
81-0952/SP A-10A 81st FS  
81-0954/SP A-10A 81st FS  
84-0087 C-21A 76th ALS  
67-0120/UH F-111E 20th FW  
80-0035/IS F-15C 57th FIS  
80-0046/IS F-15C 57th FIS  
90-0258/LN F-15E 48th FW  
87-0226/RS F-16C 86th Wg  
88-0410/RS F-16C 86th Wg  
53319 TBM-3    
G-BOOM Hunter    


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