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Finningley 1990

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Date: 22 September 1990

Made by: Dave Ashworth, Guy Fleshbourne, Ashley Annis

Updated: 2 January 2011

AT-152		Draken		Danish AF
ET-613		F-16B		Danish AF
'83'		Xingu		French Navy
61-2667		WC-135B		USAF 
.....		Buccaneer	12 Sqn
......		Canberra T17
ZA677		Chinook		7 Sqn 
...../G		F-4J(UK)	74 Sqn
ZD347		Harrier GR5	233 OCU 
.....		Jaguar		6 Sqn
XW287		Jet Provost T5A
XW325		Jet Provost	6 FTS
...../572	Jetstream	RN
PA474		Lancaster B1	BoBMF
ZA492		Tornado GR1	16 Sqn
...../DN	Tornado GR1	31 Sqn
ZG608/C		Tornado GR1	13 Sqn
ZE809		Tornado F3	23 Sqn
ZE838		Tornado F3	25 Sqn
...../AG	Tornado F3	229 OCU
.....		Tornado F3	5 Sqn
.....		Victor
XH558		Vulcan B2	VDF
G-BOML		Bf109		'166238'
G-HURI		Hurricane	Z7381 
G-LFIX		Spitfire	ML407 
-		F4U Corsair
-		Pitts Special 	Toyota
-		Catalina	'JV928'

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