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Waddington 2008

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Date: 5/6 July 2008

Made by: Scramble

Updated:  4 April 2020 by Chris Wood

995 			C-130H 		gruppo 10
2507 			An-26 		241.dsl
43+50 			Tornado IDS 	AG51
MM62221/46-85 		C-27J 		98°Gruppo TS
MM55086/61-156 		MB339CD 	212°Gruppo
LX-N90458 		E-3A 		NAEW&CF
J-513 			F-16AM 		323sq
J-869 			F-16AM 		nmks
U-06 			Fokker 50 	334sq
T.21-08/35-46 		CN295 		Ala 35
C.15-34/12-50 		EF-18A 		Ala 12 sp mks
C.15-69/12-27 		EF-18A 		Ala 12
84-0111 		C-21A 		76th AS
58-0100/D 		KC-135R 	351st ARS
75-0560/OK 		E-3B 		552nd ACW
ZK450/J 		Beech B200 	45(R)sq
ZS727/D 		Dominie T1 	55(R)sq
ZB684 			Gazelle AH1 	i/a AMF       
ZB686                   Gazelle AH1 	travel exhibit
ZJ703                   Griffin HAR2 	84sq        
XX184                   Hawk T1 	19sq sp c/s       
XX199                   Hawk T1A 	19sq             
XF995/K                 Hunter T8B 	ETPS           
XX488/CU-562 		Jetstream T2 	750sq
ZJ122/F 		Merlin HC3 	28sq
XW213 			Puma HC1 	33sq
XV672/87 		Sea KingASaC7 	849sq
ZJ690 			Sentinel R1 	5sq
ZH105/05 		Sentry AEW1 	8/23/54(R)sq
ZJ278/78 		Squirrel HT1 	DHFS
ZA400/011 		Tornado GR4A 	14sq
ZA614/076 		Tornado GR4 	14sq
ZA611 			Tornado GR4 	41(R)sq
ZE288/HA 		Tornado F3 	111sq
ZF209 			Tucano T1 	72(R)sq
ZJ930/AA 		Typhoon FGR4 	17(R)sq
ZJ939/DXI 		Typhoon FGR4 	XI(F)sq
D-EEQX 			Elster B 	ex Germany 97+04
G-AKAT                  Magister I 	ex RAF T9738  
G-AREI                  Auster III 	ex RAF MT438  
G-ASYG                  Beagle A61 	"VX927"       
G-AVHT                  Auster AOP9 	ex RAF WZ711 
G-AWVF                  Provost T1 	ex RAF XF877  
G-BBRV                  Chipmunk T10 	ex RAF WD347
G-BJST 'KF729' 		T-6H-4M 	ex Italy MM53795
G-BKVK 			Auster AOP9 	ex RAF WZ662    
G-BMSB                  Spitfire Tr.IX 	ex RAF MJ627
G-BUHA                  Venture T3 	ex RAF ZA634     
G-BVEZ                  Jet Provost T3A ex RAF XM479
G-BWEB                  Jet Provost T5 	ex RAF XW422 
G-BWNK                  Chipmunk T10 	ex RAF WD390   
G-BWSG                  Jet Provost T5 	ex RAF XW324 
G-BWUV                  Chipmunk T10 	ex RAF WK640   
G-BXKF                  Hunter T7 	ex RAF XL577      
G-BXKW HKG-13 T-67M G-BXLO Jet Provost T4 ex RAF XR673 G-BYHL Chipmunk T10 ex RAF WG308 G-BYVS Tutor
G-CEIB/03 Yak-52 cn 1160403
G-FFOX Hunter T7A ex RAF WV318 G-HUPW Hurricane 1A ex RAF R4118 G-LOSM Meteor NF11 ex RAF WM167
G-MSAL MS733 ex France 143 Correction instead of F-BLXV
G-PJTV Jet Provost T5A As RAF XW354 (Realy ex XW355) Correction instead of N300LT
G-SOAF/425 BAC 167
G-YYYY MH1521M ex France 208 Correction instead of F-GDPZ ZU-HOG YAK 52 cn 9010313

All the ex military aircraft were reported in the static area. Hangar 3: XS899 Lightning F6 nose only XM411 Jet Provost T3 nose only VP293/X Shackleton T4 nose only Preserved: XV497 Phantom FGR2 pres XM607 Vulcan B2 pres east side Flightline: 11/5-OF Mirage 2000C EC 02.005 522/5-OV Mirage 2000B EC 02.005 60-0021 B-52H nmks ZJ220 Apache AH1 673sq ZK453/M Beech B200 45(r)sq ZH891/HF Chinook HC2A 18/27sq ZD703 BAe125 CC3 32(TR)sq ZD281/K Lynx AH7 671sq XX198, XX303 Hawk T1
XX245, XX325 Hawk T1 208(R)sq XX329/CJ, XX345/CE Hawk T1A 100sq # ZH833/85 Merlin HM1 824sq ZJ693 Sentinel R1 5sq ZH102/02, ZH103/03 Sentry AEW1 8/23/54(R)sq ZH107/07 Sentry AEW1 8/23/54(R)sq # ZE810/GG Tornado F3 43sq ZE887/GF Tornado F3 43sq special mks # ZE968 Tornado F3 111sq # ZF210, ZF338 Typhoon F2 29(R)sq
ZJ910/BV, ZJ911/BZ Typhoon F2 29(R)sq G-FRAU, G-FRBA Falcon 20 FRADU # G-VLCN Vulcan B2 ex RAF XH558 # performed in role demo Chile’s Los Halcones with the Extra 300L 149/1, 145/2, 147/3, 132/4, 146/5 India’s Sarang Helicopter Display Team flying the HAL Dhruv: J4024, J4043, J4049, J4050, J4063 And Patruilla Aguilla with eight unidentified C101s. Flying Only: XV197/197 Hercules C3 LTW LF363/YBW Hurricane IIc BoBMF PA474/ HW-R & B Lancaster B1 BoBMF PS915 Spitfire PR.XIX BoBMF ZD745/093 Tornado GR4 31sq # ZD714/AJ-W Tornado GR4 31sq # Traffic Duties: ZJ270/70 Squirrel HT1 DHFS

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