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Hatfield 1968

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Date: 13 July 1968

Made by:


XE653/28        HUNTER F6            229OCU 
XJ713/55        HUNTER F6            229OCU 
XE717           HUNTER FGA11         YEOVILTON STN. 
WH291           METEOR F8            85SQ. 
XP686/32        JET PROVOST T4       'MACAWS' 
XA129           SEA VAMPIRE T22      ADS. 
WW186/732       SEA VENOM FAW22      ADS. 
XE390           SEAHAWK FGA6         AIRWORK/FRU. 
XH132           CANBERRA SC9         HSA TEST BED 
J9941           HART 
PZ865           HURRICANE 
RR299           MOSQUITO T3          'HJ695/HT-E' 
WP861           CHIPMUNK T10         LON.UAS 
XL445           VULCAN B2            COTTESMORE WING 

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