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Duxford 1997(2)

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Date: 7 September 1997

Made by:


Flightlines North: 
Royal Air Force 
Harrier GR.7             ZD434/46                     HOCU/20(R) Sqn 
                         ZD345/12                     HOCU/20(R) Sqn 
Hercules C.1             XV200                        LTW 
Sikorsky MH-53J          70-1630                      352nd SOG/21st SOS 
AD-4NA Skyraider         126922/AK-402 (G-RAID)       The Fighter Collection 
AT-16 Harvard IIB        FE695/94 (G-BTXI)            The Fighter Collection 
B-17G Flying Fortress    124485/DF-A (G-BEDF)         B-17 Preservation Ltd 
                         'Sally B/Memphis Belle' 
B-25D Mitchell           KL161/VO-B (N88972)          The Fighter Collection 
Beech 18-3TM             1164 (G-BKGL)                Aircraft Restoration Co 
Bf.109G-2 (Trop.)        10639/6 (G-USTV)             MoD/IWM 
Canberra B.2/6           WK163 (G-BVWC)               Classic Aviation Projects 
DH.89A Dragon Rapide     G-AIYR                       Classic Wings 
                         'Classic Lady' 
                         G-AKIF                       Classic Wings/A. Swire 
F-86A Sabre              48-0178/FU-178               Golden Apple Trust/(G-SABR)OFMC 
F6F-5K Hellcat           40467/19 (G-BTCC)            The Fighter Collection 
F7F-3P Tigercat          80425/WT-14 (NX7235C)        The Fighter Collection 
F8F-2P Bearcat           121714/100-S (NX700HL)       The Fighter Collection 
                         121752/106-A (N800H)         The Fighter Collection 
FM-2 Wildcat             JV579/F (N4845V)             The Fighter Collection 
G.21C Goose              N93GS                        Tom Friedrich 
                         'Caribbean Clipper' 
Hurricane XIIB           Z7381/XR-T (G-HURI)          The Fighter Collection 
P-47M Thunderbolt        226671/MX-X (N47DD)          The Fighter Collection 
                         'No Guts - No Glory!' 
P-51B Mustang            2106449/HO-W (N51PR)         The Fighter Collection 
                         'Princess Elizabeth' 
P-51D Mustang            472773/AJ-C (G-SUSY)         Paul Morgan 
                         473877/B6-S (N167F)          Scandinavian Historic Flt 
                         'Old Crow' 
P-63A Kingcobra          269097 (G-BTWR)              The Fighter Collection 
                         'Trusssst Me' 
PBY-5A Catalina          9754/P (VP-BPS)              Plane Sailing Air Displays 
Piper L-4A Grasshopper   H-57 (G-AKAZ)                AKAZ Group 
Spitfire LF.VB           EP120/AE-A (G-LFVB)          The Fighter Collection 
                         'City of Winnipeg' 
Spitfire LF.IXE          ML417/2I-T (G-BJSG)          The Fighter Collection 
Spitfire F.XIVE          SM832/YB-A (G-WWII)          The Fighter Collection 
Spitfire FR.XIVE         MV293/OI-C (G-SPIT)          The Fighter Collection 
Super Stearman A75N-1    N707TJ                       Crunchie Flying Circus 
Super Stearman PT-13D    N5057V                       Crunchie Flying Circus 
TBM-3R Avenger           53319/RB-319 (G-BTDP)        Tony Haig-Thomas 

Flying only: 
Hawk T.1                 XX233                        Red Arrows 
                         XX237                        Red Arrows 
                         XX294                        Red Arrows 
                         XX308                        Red Arrows 
Hawk T.1A                XX227                        Red Arrows 
                         XX252                        Red Arrows 
                         XX253                        Red Arrows 
                         XX266                        Red Arrows 
                         XX306                        Red Arrows 
F-15E Strike Eagle       90-0259/LN bl/w              48th FW/492nd FS 
                         91-0302/LN bl/w              48th FW/492nd FS 
                         91-0309/LN bl/w              48th FW/492nd FS 
                         91-0332/LN bl/w              48th FW/492nd FS 

Additional visiting and support aircraft included: 
Cessna F.172M            G-BKIJ                       V. Speck 
Hawk T.1                 XX307                        RAF Red Arrows 
PA-18 Super Cub 150      G-ARAM                       Clacton Aero Club 
Sukhoi Su-29             RA-01607                     Richard Goode 
                         RA-7503                      Richard Goode 

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