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Woodford 1978

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Date: 24 June 1978

Made by:


XW216/CN		Puma HC.1		33 Squadron
XV354                   Buccaneer S.2           237 OCU
XR753/S                 Lightning F.3           5 Squadron
XW404/77                Jet Provost T.5A        1 FTS
XX515/7                 Bulldog T.1             RNEFTS
XX530/12                Bulldog T.1             RNEFTS               
XX532/15                Bulldog T.1             RNEFTS
XW626                   Nimrow AEW              British Aerospace
1135/E                  Saab 105OE              Ace of Diamonds
1136/F                  Saab 105OE              Ace of Diamonds
1137/G                  Saab 105OE              Ace of Diamonds
1140/J                  Saab 105OE              Ace of Diamonds
74-01542                F-5E Tiger II           527 TFTAS
ZA101                   Hawk demonstrator     	[G-HAWK]
WB271/R-204             Firefly AS.5            FAA Historic Flight
LS326/5A                Swordfish II            FAA Historic Flight
RR299                   Mosquito T.3
XX759/19                Jaguar GR.1             226 OCU
XR718/P                 Lightning F.3           5 Squadron
P7350                   Spitfire IIA            BoB Memorial Flight
PZ865                   Hurricane IIC           BoB Memorial Flight
XT278                   Buccaneer S.2          	237 OCU
XS101                   Gnat T.1                Red Arrows
XR991                   Gnat T.1                Red Arrows
XR540                   Gnat T.1                Red Arrows
XR993                   Gnat T.1                Red Arrows
XR995                   Gnat T.1                Red Arrows
XR997                   Gnat T.1                Red Arrows
XP535                   Gnat T.1                Red Arrows
XR514                   Gnat T.1                Red Arrows
XR987                   Gnat T.1                Red Arrows
XV208                   Hercules C.1            LTW
XV297                   Hercules C.1            LTW
XV147                   Nimrod MR.1
XV236                   Nimrod AEW
XV241                   Nimrod AEW
XZ283                   Nimrod AEW

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