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Abingdon 1987

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Date: 12 September 1987

Made by: David Miller


PK624		Spitfire F.22		Gate Guard    
ZA590 		Tornado GR.1	        45 Sqn./TWCU  
XX315		Hawk T.1A	        234 Sqn./1 TWU
ZE154	AK	Tornado F.3	        229 OCU       
XR757	BL	Lightning F.6	        11 Sqn.       
XH537		Vulcan B.2	        BDRF          
XR658		Jet Provost T.4	                      
WH646	EG	Canberra T.17	        360 Sqn.      
WV318		Hunter T.7B	        208 Sqn.      
XE601		Hunter FGA.9	        A&AEE         
XV227		Nimrod MR.2P	        Kinloss Wing  
XW927	Q	Harrier T.4	        233 OCU       
XX845 	AZ	Jaguar T.2	        JMU           
XX895	BC	Bucaneer S.2B	        237 OCU       
XZ355	J	Jaguar GR.1A	        41 Sqn.       
ZA149	H	VC-10  K3	        101 Sqn.      
ZD285		Lynx AH.5	        RAE           
"ZD472"		Harrier GR.9 	        FSM	      
80-181	WR	A-10A		        81st TFW      
K4013		NF-5B		        Klu           
J-261		F-16B		        322 Sqn.  Klu 
RS712		Mosquito	
MH434		Spitfire	
G-FIRE		Spitfire	
51171		P-51D	
N94466		P-40	
N248		Supermarine S6A		Hanger Display
XV755	M	Harrier GR.3		233 OCU 
XV810	A	Harrier GR.3	        233 OCU 
XV808	L	Harrier GR.3	        233 OCU 
XZ997	E	Harrier GR.3	        233 OCU 
	C	Harrier GR.3	        233 OCU 
	N	Harrier GR.3	        233 OCU 
XX238		Hawk T.1	        4 FTS   
XX172		Hawk T.1	        4 FTS   
XX167		Hawk T.1	        4 FTS   
ZB629		Gazelle	                        
XW862		Gazelle HT.3	        2 FTS   
XX500	H	Jetstream T.1	        6 FTS   
XS712	A	Domini T.1	        6 FTS   
WG655		Sea Fury TT.20	        FAAHF   
WB586	A	Chipmunk T.10	        6 AEF   
WK589	C	Chipmunk T.10	        6 AEF   
WP805	D	Chipmunk T.10	        6 AEF   
WP914	E	Chipmunk T.10	        6 AEF   
WZ847	F	Chipmunk T.10	        6 AEF   
XH558		Vulcan B.2	        VDF     
XM374	8	Jet Provost T.3A	1 FTS
XP820		Beaver AL.1		BTF
XV109		VC-10  K.1		101 Sqn.
XV200		Hercules C.1P		LTW
XV236		Nimrod MR.2P	
XV361		Bucaneer S.2B	
XW210		Puma HC.1		33 Sqn.
XW323	44	Jet Provost T.5A	RAFFC
XX159		Hawk T.1A		234 Sqn./1 TWU
XX339		Hawk T.1A	        234 Sqn./1 TWU
XX524	04	Bulldog T.1	        London UAS    
XX547	05	Bulldog T.1	        London UAS    
XX548	06	Bulldog T.1	        London UAS    
XX553	07	Bulldog T.1	        London UAS    
XX639	02	Bulldog T.1	        London UAS    
XZ588		Sea King HAR.3	                      
ZE161	AX	Tornado F.3	        229 OCU       
ZE201	AQ	Tornado F.3	        229 OCU       
ZA681	ES	Chinook HC.1	        7 Sqn.        
ZD578	711	Sea Harrier F.2	
ZA606		Tornado GR.1	
ZA547	03	Tornado GR.1	
ZA589	08	Tornado GR.1	
ZA600	07	Tornado GR.1	
84-386	HR	F-16C			50th TFW
81-955	WR	A-10A	                81st TFW
81-981	WR	A-10A	                81st TFW
Maintenance Hanger Display:			
XX181		Hawk T.1A		4 FTS        
XX331		Hawk T.1	        63 Sqn./2 TWU
XX720	GQ	Jaguar GR.1A	        54 Sqn.      
XX729	EJ	Jaguar GR.1A	        6 Sqn.       
XX965	04	Jaguar GR.1A	        226 OCU      
XZ357	K	Jaguar GR.1A	        41 Sqn.      
XZ364	21	Jaguar GR.1A	        2 Sqn.       
XZ372	ED	Jaguar GR.1A	        6 Sqn.       
XZ378	EP	Jaguar GR.1A	        6 Sqn.       
XZ385	GM	Jaguar GR.1A	        54 Sqn.      
XZ101	Q	Jaguar GR.1A	        41 Sqn.      
XZ399	EN	Jaguar GR.1A	        6 Sqn.       
XX838	ER	Jaguar T.2	        6 Sqn.       
XX840		Jaguar T.2	        226 OCU      
XX846	A	Jaguar T.2	        226 OCU      

Pleasure Flights:			
G-BUZZ		Jet Ranger	
G-HUMT		Jet Ranger	

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