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Marham 1988

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Date: 2 July 1988

Made by: Clive Wells


XV353		Buccaneer S.2B		1 FTS         
XV294		C-130 C.3	        LTW           
WH902	EK	Canberra T.17	        360 SQN       
10886	LN	F-111F		        48 FTW        
XV582	AF	F-4 FG.1	        43 SQN        
XX497	E	Gazelle HT.3	        2 FTS         
XW919	03	Harrier GR.3	        1 SQN         
XX199	199	Hawk T.1	        79 SQN        
XW366	75	Jet Provost T.5	        1 FTS         
XV226		Nimrod MR.2P	        St.Mawgan Wing
XW237	FD	Puma HC.1	        240 OCU       
ZA550	16	Tornado GR.1	        27 SQN        
ZE786	DT	Tornado F.3	        11 SQN        
ZA149	H	VC-10 K.3	        101 SQN       
XH671		Victor K.2	        55 SQN        

XV250		Nimrod MR.2P		St.Mawgan Wing

XX895		Buccaneer S.2B		No Marks
XX520	2	Bulldog T.1		CFS    
XW910	K	Gazelle HT.3	        2 FTS  
LF363		Hurricane 	        BoBMF  
XX482	J	Jetstream T.1	        6 FTS  
XX485	CU-567	Jetstream T.2	        750 SQN
PA474		Lancaster	        BoBMF  
WR963		Shackleton AEW.2	8 SQN
PS915		Spitfire		BoBMF  
ZA546	05	Tornado GR.1	        27 SQN 
ZA554	11	Tornado GR.1	        27 SQN 
ZA593	MF	Tornado GR.1	        617 SQN
ZA607	MP	Tornado GR.1	        617 SQN
ZD953		Tristar K.1	        216 SQN
XH672		Victor K.2	        55 SQN 
XL192		Victor K.2	        55 SQN 
XL512		Victor K.2	        55 SQN 
XH558	 	Vulcan B.2	        VDF    

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