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Culdrose 1985

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Date: 31 July 1985

Made by: Martin Perkins, Ian Dennis Old

Updated: 1 August 2002

WK111               CANBERRA 
ZA292               SEA KING HC4 
ZD478               SEA KING HC4 
XS736               DOMINIE 
XW854               GAZELLE 
XW861               GAZELLE 
XX436               GAZELLE 
XR572 (A2676)       GNAT 
XX241               HAWK 
XM296               HERON 
XE668               HUNTER 
XP980               P1127 KESTREL 
XZ246               LYNX 
XV236               NIMROD 
ZD578               SEA HARRIER 
XZ460               SEA HARRIER 
XR441               SEA HERON 
XV647               SEA KING 
XV657               SEA KING 
XV660               SEA KING 
XV668               SEA KING 
XV704               SEA KING 
XZ574               SEA KING 
ZD631               SEA KING 
XZ580               SEA KING 
XZ581               SEA KING 
XZ599               SEA KING 
ZA127               SEA KING 
ZD626               SEA KING 
ZD637               SEA KING 
XT437               WASP 
XM328               WESSEX 
XS514/L             WESSEX HU5		845sq
XT455/U             WESSEX HU5		845sq
XT765/J             WESSEX HU5		845sq
68-0033/UH          F-111 
80+76               Bo105 
84+86               CH-53G 
G-SPEY              JETRANGER 
G-OODI              PITTS S-1D 
G-BCVW              GY-80 
43+67               TORNADO 
G-BBDS              PA-31 
D-KFCW              G.109B 
? 92                SEA KING 
? 93                SEA KING 
G-AKKB              GEMINI 
G-AMSV              DC-3 
G-BAEB              DR400 
JV928               CATALINA 
XS523               WESSEX 
XT474               WESSEX 
XT766               WESSEX 
XT769               WESSEX 
ZA111               JETSTREAM 
XS515               WESSEX 
XS516               WESSEX 
XT460               WESSEX 
XW863               GAZELLE 
XW894               GAZELLE 
XW895               GAZELLE 
XV648               SEA KING 
XV665               SEA KING 
XV714               SEA KING 
WP906               CHIPMUNK 
WP776               CHIPMUNK 
XK895               SEA DEVON 
XJ319               SEA DEVON 
XX478               JETSTREAM 
F1425/17(G-BEFR)    FOKKER DR1 
G-BHXU              JETRANGER 
G-LRII              LONGRANGER 
WA669               METEOR 
WF225               SEA HAWK GATE GUARD 
WG655               SEA FURY 
XH304               VAMPIRE 
XP778               BEAVER 
XS888               WESSEX 
XW857               GAZELLE 
XW860               GAZELLE 
XW868               GAZELLE 
XW907               GAZELLE 
XX479               JETSTREAM 
XX480               JETSTREAM 
XX481               JETSTREAM 

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