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Finningley 1983

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Date: 17 September 1983

Made by: John, Ian Dennis Old, John Chapman

Updated: 5 November 2004

XS793		Andover C2		Queens Flt
XS794		Andover C2		32 Sqdn
XN819		Argosy E1		ex 115 Sqdn, ex museum, dumped
XX919		BAC111
XT283/G		Buccaneer
XV163/B		Buccaneer
XX621/D		Bulldog
XX633/X		Bulldog
XX619/B		Bulldog
XX620/C		Bulldog
XX622/E		Bulldog
XX624/G		Bulldog
XH568		Canberra
WD955/FM	Canberra
WK643/G		Chipmunk
WP786/D		Chipmunk
WP809/912	Chipmunk
WG407/81	Chipmunk
XS235		Comet
VP965/DE	Devon  			207 Sqdn
WB533/DA	Devon  			207 Sqdn
XS711/L		Dominie T1		6FTS
XS712/A		Dominie T1		6FTS
XS713/C		Dominie T1		6FTS
XS726/T		Dominie T1		6FTS
XS727/D		Dominie T1		6FTS
XS728/E		Dominie T1		6FTS
XS730/H		Dominie T1		6FTS
XS731/J		Dominie T1		6FTS
XS732/B		Dominie T1		6FTS
XS733/Q		Dominie T1		6FTS
XS734/N		Dominie T1		6FTS
XS735/R		Dominie T1		6FTS
XS736/S		Dominie T1		6FTS
XS738/U		Dominie T1		6FTS
XS739/F		Dominie T1		6FTS
XZ344		Gazelle
ZA802/W		Gazelle
XZ964/P		Harrier
XZ971/N		Harrier
KF183		Harvard
XX167		Hawk T1
XX163		Hawk T1
XX172		Hawk T1
XX185		Hawk T1
XX352		Hawk T1
XX251		Hawk T1			Red Arrows
XX253		Hawk T1			Red Arrows
XX257		Hawk T1			Red Arrows
XX259		Hawk T1			Red Arrows
XX260		Hawk T1			Red Arrows
XX264		Hawk T1			Red Arrows
XX266		Hawk T1			Red Arrows
XX304		Hawk T1			Red Arrows
XX306		Hawk T1			Red Arrows
XV293		Hercules
XV182		Hercules
XV208		Hercules W2
XF382		Hunter
XX752/06	Jaguar
XX764/13	Jaguar
XZ114/B		Jaguar GR1		41 Sqdn
XZ358/L		Jaguar GR1		41 Sqdn
XZ363/A		Jaguar GR1		41 Sqdn
XW287/P		Jet Provost T5		6FTS
XW291/N		Jet Provost T5		6FTS
XW304/X		Jet Provost T5		6FTS
XW306/Y		Jet Provost T5
XW307/S		Jet Provost T5		6FTS
XW326/120	Jet Provost T5
XW352/R		Jet Provost T5		6FTS
XP547/03	Jet Provost T4
XR658		Jet Provost T4
XX491/K		Jetstream T1		6FTS
XX492/A		Jetstream T1		6FTS
XX493/L		Jetstream T1		6FTS
XX495/C		Jetstream T1		6FTS
XX496/D		Jetstream T1		6FTS
XX499/G		Jetstream T1		6FTS
XR761/AC	Lightning
XZ721/CF	Lynx
WA662		Meteor
WF791		Meteor T7		Vintage pair
XV234		Nimrod
XV237		Nimrod
XV489/A		Phantom FGR2		56 Sqdn
XV584/F		Phantom
XT867/H		Phantom
XT901/Y		Phantom
XW200/FA	Puma
XZ459/716	Sea Harrier
ZA105		Sea King
XZ590		Sea King
XZ592		Sea King
XZ598		Sea King
XZ591		Sea King
XJ380		Sycamore
T5493		Tiger Moth
T5854 (G-ANKK)	Tiger Moth
ZA397/R		Tornado
ZA391/F		Tornado
ZA547/A		Tornado
XH304		Vampire T11		Vintage pair
WJ897/E		Varsity
ZA140		VC10 K2
XH669		Victor
XJ782		Vulcan
XL426		Vulcan B2
XV730		Wessex
XR501		Wessex
XR518		Wessex HC2		22 Sqdn
XR524		Wessex
XT601		Wessex
XJ729		Whirlwind
XP404		Whirlwind HAR10		SAREW

80-0281/WR	A-10A
80-0276/WR	A-10A
80081		KC-135
60167		C-141B
81-712/HR	F-16
81-731/HR	F-16
68-0071/UH	F-111E
J-242		F-16A
J-252		F-16A
J-260		F-16B
BD14		Mirage 5BD
C-7		F27-300M
133345		CT-133

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